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Very Filmy story followed Haroon, who returned from abroad. He has uncertainties regarding the prospect of marrying a girl from his hometown whom he has yet to meet. Despite his hesitations, familial pressures compel him to meet her. However, they are both surprised when love unexpectedly blossoms between them. Very Filmy was a romantic comedy-drama starring Dananeer Mobeen, Ameer Gilani, Ukhano, Momina Munir, Bushra Ansari, and Ali Safina.

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Complete Details about Very Filmy Drama

  • Release Date: 12 March 2024 (1st Ramadan)
  • Final Episode Date: 12 April 2024
  • Total Episodes: 31
  • Genres: Romantic, Drama, Comedy
  • Very Filmy Drama Timing: 9:00 pm (Daily)
  • Directors: Ali Hassan
  • Producers: Momina Duraid
  • Writers: Syed Mohammed Ahmed
  • Duration: 40 Mins
  • Channel Name: Hum TV
  • Productions: MD Production
  • Country of Origin: Pakistan

Very Filmy Drama Cast

Here is a list of Very Filmy cast names.

Cast of Very Filmy dramaRole Played
Dananeer Mobeen Daniya
Ameer GilaniRohan
Nabeel ZuberiDanish
Ameema Saleem Maham
Momina MunirNeha
Salma HassanRohaan’s mother
Bushra AnsariDaadi Jaan
Ali SafinaMama g
Mira SethiSanam
Syed Adnan JaffarRohaan’s Father
Tehseen WajahatChisti
Manal SiddiquiShanno

Ameer Gilani as Rohan

Ameer Gilani, the main lead in the cast of Very Filmy is a handsome Pakistani actor, who gained fame as Hassan Fareed in “Sabaat” alongside Mawra Hocane. Rumors suggest a romantic link between them. He holds an LLM degree from Harvard Law School and showcased his singing talent in the drama “Sabaat,” singing the title track in 2021 under Usman Mukhtar’s direction.

Dananeer Mobeen as Daniya

Dananeer Mobeen, the main female lead of the cast of Very Filmy is a young and talented Pakistani actress, who gained fame with her viral video “Pawri Ho Rahi Hai.” Despite her sudden rise to stardom, she has showcased her acting skills in leading dramas like Sinf-e-Aahan and Mohabbat Gumshuda Meri alongside Khushal Khan, proving her worth in the industry through hard work and dedication.


Ukhano is a famous YouTuber who’s good at making vlogs. He studied Arts at the National College of Arts. People love his YouTube videos because they’re filmed really nicely and directed well. Now, he will debut in a Pakistani drama, Very Filmy, which will air on HUM TV. It’s a big step for him, and everyone’s excited to see how he does in his debut TV role.

Nabeel Zuberi

Nabeel Zuberi is a Pakistani actor and model who became Pakistan’s heartthrob after his debut in Suno Chanda. His innocent charm made him a favorite. He’s starred in many hit dramas like Yaqeen Ka Safar, Dil Ruba, Aulad, Dobara, Kacha Dhaga, and Khaie, showing his talent and versatility as an actor.

Ameema Saleem

Ameema Saleem Khan is a new face in Pakistani dramas. She’s making her debut in the show “Very Filmy.” Before this, Ameema was a successful model, working with different Pakistani brands. Now, she’s stepping into acting, and everyone’s excited to see her on TV.

Very Filmy: An Exceptional Journey Wrapped Up with 4.6 TRP

Very Filmy has captivated audiences with its engaging storyline and stellar performances, consistently maintaining high TRP ratings throughout its run. However, as the show concluded, the overall TRP experienced a decline, starting at 6.3 TRP and concluding at 4.6 TRP.

While some fans have criticized the dramatic plot for not aligning with their expectations, others have praised the talented cast and intriguing storyline. Anticipation for a potential second season remains high among eager viewers, reflecting the enduring popularity and impact of Very Filmy.

Date:12 April 2024

TRP: 4.6

TIME: 10:03 PM – 11:03 PM


GEO ENT: 2.0

Very Filmy OST

OST Name: Tere Rang Rang
Singers: Ahmed Ali
Composers: Ahmed Ali
Lyricist: Ahmed Ali

The melodious OST of Very Filmy titled Tere Rang Rang was a heartwarming composition Ahmed Ali sang. With its enchanting melody and soulful lyrics, this song added a touch of romance to the drama. Composed and written by Ahmed Ali, the OST beautifully captured the essence of love.

Produced by Momina Duraid and directed by Ali Hassan, Very Filmy promised to captivate audiences with its storyline and mesmerizing soundtrack, perfectly complementing the stellar performances of the Very Filmy Drama Cast.

Very Filmy Drama Teaser

HUM TV has shared the teaser, which revolves around love, laughter, and many filmy moments with Rohaan and Danya, alongside the Very Filmy drama cast.


Dananeer Mobeen and Ameer Gilani are the main lead characters of Very Filmy.

The drama Very Filmy cast names include Dananeer Mobeen, Mira Sethi, Ameema Saleem, Ameer Gilani, Ukhano (Omer Khan), Ali Sufyan, and Nabeel Zubari.

It was a happy ending where Rohan (Ameer Gilani) and Daniya (Dananeer) fell in love and married.

Wrap Up

The blog discussed HUM TV’s Ramadan drama, Very Filmy, which followed the dramatic love story of Rohan and Daniya. Featuring a talented, Very Filmy cast, including Dananeer Mobeen, Ameer Gilani, Ukhano, and others, the rom-com promised a refreshing experience. 

The OST, Tere Rang Rang, sung by Ahmed Ali, added to the excitement. The blog also highlights the drama’s low TRP rating of 4.6, which has received criticism and appraisal hinting at its overall popularity.

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