Umar Khan aka Ukhano Biography, Age, Wife, Drama, and Net Worth

Umar Khan, widely known as Ukhano, is a famous Pakistani content creator, vlogger, and social media influencer. With a charismatic personality and engaging content, Ukhano has garnered a significant following across various digital platforms. His journey, described in the Ukhano Biography, reflects his rise to fame and contributions to Pakistan’s digital landscape.

From sharing travel adventures and lifestyle tips, Ukhano’s content resonates with a diverse audience, showcasing his versatility as a creator. Alongside his online presence, he is set to debut in acting in “Very Filmy” on Hum TV, adding another dimension to his career. Ukhano’s impact extends beyond entertainment, as he continues to inspire and connect with his audience through his relatable content and genuine interactions.

Ukhano Biography

Full NameUmer Khan
Date of Birth8 February 1992
Ukhano age32 years
Place of BirthFATA, Pakistan
Ukhano YouTube(@UKHANO)
Ukhano Instagram(@ukhano)
Ukhano Facebook(@ukhanarmy)
ResidenceFATA, Pakistan
ProfessionVlogger, YouTuber, Influencer
EducationNCA National College of Arts Lahore
Weight72 kg
Height5’7” (170 cm)
Net Worth$104000 (approx.)

Ukhano Real Name

Ukhano’s real name is Umer Khan. Though he is commonly known by his online persona, his given name reflects his identity beyond the digital world.

Ukhano Age

Umar Khan, popularly known as Ukhano, is a 32-year-old Pakistani content creator, vlogger, and social media influencer. With his engaging content and vibrant personality, Ukhano has captivated audiences across digital platforms, showcasing his versatility and creativity. His journey, detailed in the Ukhano Biography, highlights his evolution as a prominent figure in Pakistan’s digital sphere.

Ukhano Height

Umar Khan, also known as Ukhano, stands 5 feet 7 inches tall. As a prominent Pakistani content creator and social media influencer, his impact resonates across digital platforms.

Ukhano Family

While not much information is widely available about Ukhano’s family, a picture of him with his family indicates his close ties and cherished moments with loved ones. Despite maintaining a degree of privacy, Ukhano’s family plays an important role in his life, supporting him through his efforts in the digital realm.

Check out the following photo of Ukhano with his family.

Ukhano family

Ukhano Harassment Case

Umar Khan, popularly known as Ukhano, faced serious allegations of sexual harassment and abusive behavior by multiple women in July 2019. Screenshots of conversations allegedly showing him engaging in inappropriate behavior circulated on social media, sparking widespread backlash.

However, after a thorough investigation by the Federal Investigation Agency’s (FIA’s) Cyber Crime Wing, Ukhano has been declared ‘falsely accused‘. In response to the accusations, Ukhano had registered an FIR against one of the accusers in November. This investigation’s conclusion by the FIA sheds light on the complexities of online allegations and the importance of due process in such cases.

Ukhano Wife

Ukhano’s wedding photographer announced the news of his marriage on his Instagram account, as shown below. Ukhano has maintained privacy regarding his marital life, as he has never revealed his wife’s face on social media. Moreover, all previous pictures have been removed, leading to speculation among his followers about potential issues within the marriage.

This secrecy has fueled rumors and speculation about the status of his relationship, highlighting the challenges of navigating personal matters in the public eye.

Ukhano Song

Ukhano released his first-ever song called “KALIWAL.” It mixes traditional and modern Phastoon music, with Ukhano playing the Rabab instrument and Farhan Bogra on the sitar. The song was produced and composed by Hassan Badsha.

Ukhano Drama Debut

Ukhano is set to debut in the upcoming drama “Very Filmy,” as revealed in the teaser posted by HUM TV officials, where he is prominently featured in the main cast list. Alongside him, the cast includes Ameema Saleem, Momina Munir, Nabeel Zuberi, Mira Seethi, and Ali Safina.

The drama’s main characters are portrayed by Dananeer and Ameer Gilani, promising captivating performances and directed by Ali Hassan, with a script penned by Muhammad Ahmed and produced by Momina Duraid.

Stay in the loop with the HUM TV drama schedule so you don’t miss out on your favorite shows—stay updated and watch them on time!

Ukhano also shared a post on Instagram appreciating the main lead of his debut drama “Very Filmy.”

Ukhano Youtube Content

Ukhano’s content spans various genres, including travel vlogging, which showcases the mesmerizing beauty of the Northern Areas of Pakistan. From capturing breathtaking landscapes to delving into the rich culture of the mountains and valleys, his videos offer viewers a glimpse into the wonders of this region.

He also hosts the show “YOU Talk,” where he interviews various personalities, including vloggers, YouTubers, singers, entertainers, and more. Through these interviews, Ukhano provides insights into the lives and experiences of these individuals, offering his audience engaging and informative content.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ukhano, also known as Umar Khan, is a well-known Pakistani YouTuber and content creator known for engaging vlogs and social commentary.

Yes, Ukhano is part of the “Very Filmy” cast.

He tied the knot in November 2020. He used to post images of his wife’s back of the head or her wearing a mask, but he never shared her name or even her face. These images have all been removed from his Instagram account. For personal reasons or due to marital issues?

Wrap Up

In summary, Umar Khan, also known as Ukhano, is a big name in Pakistan’s online world. His story, outlined in the Ukhano Biography, shows how he became famous for his digital work. Despite harsh times, like facing harassment accusations, Ukhano keeps going strong.

Ukhano shares videos about traveling in beautiful parts of Pakistan and hosts a talk show where he chats with different guests. He’s even dipping his toes into music and acting now. With his creativity and resilience, Ukhano continues to be a big deal in Pakistan’s online media, entertaining and inspiring the young generation.

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