Dil Pe Dastak Drama Cast, Release Date, Story, Timings and OST

Drama enthusiasts are excited about the first look of Dil Pe Dastak, featuring Khaqan Shahnawaz and Aena Khan, for the first time on HUM TV. The drama series, directed by Hassaan Imam and Ali Masud Saeed, promises a captivating storyline filled with emotions, love, and laughter, offering an immersive journey into the lives of its characters.

With the Dil Pe Dastak Drama cast taking the lead, viewers can anticipate their chemistry and acting prowess. Stay updated with the HUM TV weekly drama schedule of 2024 to catch the cast of Dil Pe Dastak in action. Don’t miss the excitement and drama as it unfolds its story on screen.

Complete Details About Dil Pe Dastak Drama

  • Release Date: 12 March 2024 (1st Ramadan)
  • Genres: Romantic Comedy
  • Dil Pe Dastak Drama Timeing: 7:00 pm
  • Directors: Ali Masud Saeed
  • Producers: Momina Duraid
  • Writers: Hassan Imam
  • Duration: 40 Mins
  • Channel Name: Hum TV
  • Productions: MD Production
  • Country of Origin: Pakistan

Dil Pe Dastak Pakistani Drama Cast

CastRole Played
Khaqan ShahnawazMain Character
Aena KhanMain Character
Parishae AdnanSupporting Character
TaimooriSupporting Character
Arjumand RahimSupporting Character
Saman AnsariSupporting Character
Sakina SamooSupporting Character
Behroze SabzwariSupporting Character
Farhan Ali AghaSupporting Character
Uzma BegSupporting Character

Khaqan Shahnawaz

Khaqan Shahnawaz, a Pakistani social media influencer, gained fame for his roles in “Barhwaan Khiladi” and “Yunhi.” Initially a lawyer, he gained fame on Instagram during the COVID-19 lockdown. He later acted in the 2022 drama “Bepanah” alongside Eshal Fayyaz and Kanwal Khan.


Aena Khan

Aena Khan is a rising star in Pakistan’s entertainment industry. She gained fame for her role in Fairy Tale as Haya alongside Hamza Sohail and Sehar Khan. Besides acting, she’s a social media influencer, video creator, and blogger.



Taimoori, also known as Tamoor Akbar, is a talented content creator, actor, and model. He loves making people laugh with his funny and relatable content about everyday life. Though he started with acting and modeling, he found his true passion in creating content that brings joy to others.

Drama Serial Dil Pe Dastak is Leading Hearts with a High TRP Rating

Fans love the Drama serial Dil Pe Dastak! as it continues to win hearts with its captivating storyline and getting a lot of attention powerful performances.

The show has a high rating of 9.2, which means a lot of people are tuning in to watch it. Fans are mentioning how much they love Dil Pe Dastak cast actors and the story. It’s clear that this drama is winning over a lot of hearts!

Dil Pe Dastak OST

OST Name: Sohneya
Singers: Sehar Gul Khan & Roshan
Composers: Asim Raza, Rabi Ahmed, & Roshan
Lyricist: Asim Raza

Introducing “Sohneya,” the OST of Dil Pe Dastak! Sung by Sehar Gul Khan & Roshan, it’s a captivating melody crafted by composers Asim Raza, Rabi Ahmed, & Roshan. Asim Raza’s heartfelt lyrics add a poetic touch. With its soul-stirring music, “Sohneya” promises to be the perfect soundtrack for a love tale that blends the Dil Pe Dastak Drama Cast’s outstanding performances.

Dil Pe Dastak Episode 16 Teaser

The Episode 16 teaser of Dil Pe Dastak is here to steal your hearts! Stay tuned for this unforgettable tale, streaming on HUM TV Cable Channel plus the episodes are available also on their official YouTube channel. Don’t miss out on the amazing performances by the Dil Pe Dastak drama cast.


Khaqan Shahnawaz and Aena Khan are the main lead characters of Dil Pe Dastak cast.

Dil Pe Dastak drama cast includes Khaqan Shahnawaz, Aena Khan, Taimoori, Parishae Adnan, Arjumand Rahim, Saman Ansari, Sakina Samoo, Behroze Sabzwari, Farhan Ali Agha, Uzma Beg.

Wrap Up

In summary, the upcoming HUM TV drama series, Dil Pe Dastak, is about to join the ranks of the best Pakistani dramas, gaining popularity with its romantic plot and on-screen couple Khaqan Shahnawaz and Aena Khan. The drama, directed by Hassaan Imam and Ali Masud Saeed, promises an immersive narrative filled with love, emotions, and laughter.

The OST Sohneya, sung by Sehar Gul Khan & Roshan, increases the emotion. With a teaser showing a mix of love and fun, people anticipate the release, which promises a thrilling Ramadan excitement with the Dil Pe Dastak Drama Cast.

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