Taimoor Akbar Biography aka Taimoori, Wife, Age, Drama list, and Height

Taimoor Akbar, also known as Taimoori, is a famous Pakistani actor and content creator who makes funny videos. About Taimoor Akbar biography, his journey follows as a content creator and actor. He started making funny videos in 2019 when the COVID-19 pandemic hit. In 2022, he officially started acting in dramas. His funny content on social media has gained a lot of fan following.

With a short acting career, Taimoor has significantly impacted Pakistan. He has appeared in some dramas, and people like seeing him on screen. Besides his work, people are also curious about his personal life, family, wife, and other information. Therefore, read on to explore Taimoor Akbar biography and complete the information below.

Taimoor Akbar Biography

Full NameTaimoor Akbar
Date of Birth1994
Taimoor Akbar Age28 years old
Taimoor Akbar Instagram@taimooriii
Place of BirthKarachi, Pakistan
ResidenceKarachi, Pakistan
ProfessionActor, Model, Content Creator
EducationMBA degree
Father(will be updated soon)
Mother(will be updated soon)
Siblings(will be updated soon)
Horoscope(will be updated soon)
Weight78 kg (172 lbs)
Height5’10” (1.77m)
Net Worth(will be updated soon)

Taimoor Akbar Age

He is currently 28 years old. Taimoor Akbar age is the prime example of his resilience in both fields.

Taimoor Akbar Height and weight

He is 5’10” and weighs 78 kg. He’s known for his impressive height, weight and his captivating performances in various television shows. Akbar’s charm extends beyond his physical attributes; his talent on screen has gained him a significant following, making him a standout figure in the Pakistani entertainment industry.

Taimoor Akbar Education

He completed his MBA degree before pursuing his acting career.

Taimoor Akbar Family

He is from Karachi and resides there with his family. His family includes his parents and siblings, while his father’s name remains undisclosed. His mother is a housewife who plays a significant role in the family dynamic.

Taimoor Akbar Wife

He is unmarried and has not disclosed any details about his private life, including his marital status or any information regarding a wife.

Taimoor Akbar Drama List

Check out Taimoor Akbar drama list below.

YearDrama NameCharacterNetwork
2024Dil Pe DastakSupporting CharacterHum TV
2022Kaala DoriyanSupporting CharacterHum TV

Taimoor Akbar Telefilm

YearTelefilm NameCharacterNetwork
2024Janay Koun Thi HaseenaTBAHum TV

Taimoor Akbar New Ramadan 2024 Release

Get ready for romance and laughter and join Taimoor Akbar in Dil Pe Dastak, the eagerly awaited release of Ramadan 2024. Directed by Ali Masud Saeed and written by Hassan Imam, this delightful drama promises to be the perfect blend of love and comedy. Produced by Momina Duraid, Dil Pe Dastak will air daily at 7:00 PM, starting from the 1st of Ramadan, exclusively on HUM TV.

Check out the Dil Pe Dastak teaser officially released by Hum TV on Instagram.

In Dil Pe Dastak, Taimoor Akbar joins a stellar cast along with Khaqan Shahnawaz, Aena Khan, and Parishae Adnan to bring to life a story that will captivate audiences. With its engaging plot and talented ensemble, this drama is bound to become a Ramadan favorite.

Don’t miss out on the heartwarming moments and hilarious antics as Dil Pe Dastak unfolds its tale of love and laughter. Stay updated with the HUM TV drama schedule to catch every episode on time.

There is a video shared on Instagram of Taimoor Akbar behind the scene videos with Parishae Adnan from the set of Dil Pe Dastak.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Taimoor Akbar is 28 years old.

No, Taimoor Akbar is not married.

Yes, Taimoor is in the list of drama Dil Pe Dastak cast.

Wrap Up

In summary, Taimoor Akbar who is also known as Taimoori, is a multifaceted talent in Pakistani entertainment. Born in 1994, he gained fame through his comedic videos during the COVID-19 pandemic. In 2022, he formally entered the acting world, showcasing his charm and timing.

Taimoor Akbar biography explores his rise to prominence due to his infectious humor and his versatility as an actor. His appearances in dramas like Kala Doriyan and Dil Pe Dastak have solidified his status as a beloved entertainer. His upcoming projects, such as “Dil Pe Dastak,” continue solidifying his Pakistani entertainment star.

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