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Surah Yasin stands as the 36th chapter in the Holy Quran, also known as Surah Yaseen or Ya Sin. It was revealed in Makkah, Saudi Arabia before Prophet Muhammad migrated to Madinah, known as Makki Surah in Quran. Though its precise revelation date remains unknown, it’s thought to have occurred during the initial phase of the Prophet’s mission.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are 83 Verses or Ayat in Yasin Surah.

Surah e Yaseen falls between the end of the 22nd para and the beginning of the 23rd para in the Quran, also known as Surah Ya Sin or Yaseen.

Surah Yasin is divided in 5 Ruku.

Here is what did the prophet say about Surah Yaseen “Everything has a heart and the heart of the Holy Quran is Yaseen. Allah will record anyone who recites Yaseen as having recited the Holy Quran ten times.” Reciting Yaseen equals the recitation of the entire Quran tenfold, showcasing the significant value and immense blessings attributed to this Surah.

Surah Yasin, the 36th chapter in the Holy Quran, holds significant importance and is renowned as one of the important chapters. It derives its name from the initial letters of its opening verse, “Ya-Sin.”

Surah Yasin comprises 3,068 letters and 733 words. In terms of length, it’s classified as a Mathani sura, covering nearly one hizb of the Quran. Notably, it’s among the chapters commencing with disjoined letters (muqatta’at) and stands as the first surah in the Quran that starts with an oath.

‘Yasin’ holds the position of the foremost among prophets, including Muhammad. This Surah, specifically linked to Muhammad, becomes the core of the Quran, mirroring Muhammad’s central role in the world. Among its verses, the opening verse acknowledges Muhammad as the leader of all divine messengers.

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