What are Makki Surah in Quran?

Makki Surahs refer to the chapters of the Quran revealed to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) while he resided in Mecca, prior to his migration to Medina.

They were revealed in Mecca, the sacred city in Saudi Arabia, where Prophet Muhammad was born. Allah revealed Makki surahs to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) over 13 years. Many of the Makki Surah in Quran are found in Juz Amma, as they were related to Mecca.

Now learn how many Makki Surah in Quran with names and their Important Characteristics.

Important Characteristics of Makki Surah in Quran:

  • Time of Revelation: These surahs were revealed prior to the migration to Medina, known as the Hijra.
  • Focus: Makki Surahs mainly talk about important beliefs in Islam, like believing in one God, life after death, and the importance of following Prophets. They also teach us how to be good and ethical in our actions.
  • Style and Length: Typically shorter and characterized by a poetic style, the intent was to engage the people of Mecca.
  • Intended Audience: Makki Surah in Quran was primarily directed at the Quraysh tribe and the non-believers residing in Mecca.

Total Makki Surah in Quran?

There are a total of 86 Makki Surahs. Here they are list of Makki Surah in Quran in a table form:

(Verses)Surah Name (Verses)Surah Name (Verses)Surah Name (Verses)
Al-Fatiha (7)Al-An’am (165)Yunus (109)Hud (123)
Yusuf (111)Ibrahim (52)Al-Hijr (99)An-Nahl (128)
Al-Israa (111)Surah Kahf (110)Maryam (98)Taha (135)
Al-Anbya (112)Al-Mu’minun (118)Al-Furqan (77)Ash-Shuaraa (227)
An-Naml (93)An-Qasas (88)Al-Ankabut (69)Ar-Rum (60)
Luqman (34)As-Sajda (30)Saba (54)Fatir (45)
Surah Yasin (83)As-Saffat (182)Sad (88)Az-Zumar (75)
Ghafir (85)Fussilat (54)Ash-Shura (53)Az-Zukhruf (89)
Ad-Dukhan (59)Al-Jathiyah (37)Al-Ahqaf (35)Qaf (45)
Adh-Dhariyat (60)At-Tur (49)An-Najm (62)Al-Qamar (55)
Al-Waqi’ah (96)Al-Mulk (30)Al-Qalam (52)Al-Haqqah (52)
Al-Ma’arij (44)Nuh (28)Al-Jinn (28)Al-Muzzammil (20)
Al-Muddathir (56)Al-Qiyamah (40)Al-Mursalat (50)An-Naba’ (40)
An-Nazi’at (46)Abasa (42)At-Takwir (29)Al-Infitar (19)
Al-Mutaffifin (36)Al-Inshiqaq (25)Al-Buruj (22)At-Tariq (17)
Al-A’la (19)Al-Ghashiyah (26)Al-Fajr (30)Al-Balad (20)
Ash-Shams (15)Al-Layl (21)Ad-Duha (11)Ash-Sharh (8)
At-Tin (8)Al-Alaq (19)Al-Qadr (5)Al-Qari’ah (11)
At-Takathur (8)Al-A’sr (3)Al-Humazah (9)Al-Fil (5)
Quraysh (4)Al-Ma’un (7)Al-Kawthar (3)Al-Kafirun (6)
Al-Masad (5)Al-Ikhlas (4)Al-Falaq (5)An-Nas (6)

Difference between Madani and Makki Surah in Quran Pak

The main differences between Makki and Madani Surahs are where they were revealed and what they talk about. Makki Surahs were revealed in Mecca and On the other hand, Madani Surahs were revealed in Medina.

Makki Surah in Quran mostly talks about basic beliefs like believing in one God and life after death. They were meant to help early Muslims who were facing tough times and needed encouragement.

Madani Surah focuses more on rules for how Muslims should live together as a community. They cover things like how to behave towards each other and laws about different aspects of life. Understanding which Surah is Makki or Madani helps us understand the Quran better and how it applies to our lives.

Whereas the division of Makki and Madni surahs in the Quran are 86 and 28 respectively.

Frequently Ask Questions

Out of the 114 Surahs in the Quran, 86 Surahs are considered Makki, meaning they were revealed during Prophet Muhammad’s time in Mecca. The remaining 28 Surahs are classified as Madani, which were revealed while the Prophet resided in Medina.

The Number of Makki Surah in Quran is 86. These Surahs were revealed during Prophet Muhammad’s time in Mecca (before Migration).

The first Makki Surah in Quran is Surah Al-Alaq, which consists of 19 verses. Surah Al-Alaq was revealed in the Ghar Hira, located in Mecca, where Prophet Muhammad used to retreat for meditation before receiving his prophethood.

A Makki Quran refers to the Qurani surahs revealed to Prophet Muhammad during his time in Mecca, the holiest city in Saudi Arabia and his birthplace. These Makki surahs were sent down over 13 years before the Prophet’s migration to Medina.

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