Hyderabad Ramadan 2024 Calendar – Complete Timetable of Sehr o Iftar

Ramadan 2024 in Hyderabad is set to commence on Tuesday, March 12th, marking the beginning of a sacred month for Muslims worldwide. Use the Hyderabad Ramadan 2024 Calendar to keep updated on the Ramadan 2024 date in Hyderabad. Below is the complete timetable for Sehr o Iftar in Hyderabad during Ramadan 2024, ensuring dedication to the fasting schedule and observance of religious practices.

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Here is the Schedule of Hyderabad Ramadan 2024 Calendar

The following Hyderabad Ramadan 2024 Calendar offers an overview of the Holy month of Ramadan, starting on March 12th, 2024. Use this calendar to discover the Sehri time today in Hyderabad 2024.

Ashra 1: Days 1-10

DayDateSehri (AM)Iftar (PM)SEHRI (Fiqh Jafria)IFTAR (Fiqh Jafria)
112 Mar 202405:22 AM06:35 PM05:12 AM06:45 PM
213 Mar 202405:21 AM06:36 PM05:11 AM06:46 PM
314 Mar 202405:20 AM06:36 PM05:10 AM06:46 PM
415 Mar 202405:18 AM06:37 PM05:08 AM06:47 PM
516 Mar 202405:17 AM06:37 PM05:07 AM06:47 PM
617 Mar 202405:16 AM06:37 PM05:06 AM06:47 PM
718 Mar 202405:15 AM06:38 PM05:05 AM06:48 PM
819 Mar 202405:14 AM06:38 PM05:04 AM06:48 PM
920 Mar 202405:13 AM06:39 PM05:03 AM06:49 PM
1021 Mar 202405:12 AM06:39 PM05:02 AM06:49 PM

Ashra 2: Days 11-20

DayDateSehri (AM)Iftar (PM)SEHRI (Fiqh Jafria)IFTAR (Fiqh Jafria)
1122 Mar 202405:11 AM06:40 PM05:01 AM06:50 PM
1223 Mar 202405:10 AM06:40 PM05:00 AM06:50 PM
1324 Mar 202405:09 AM06:41 PM04:59 AM06:51 PM
1425 Mar 202405:08 AM06:41 PM04:58 AM06:51 PM
1526 Mar 202405:06 AM06:42 PM04:56 AM06:52 PM
1627 Mar 202405:05 AM06:42 PM04:55 AM06:52 PM
1728 Mar 202405:04 AM06:42 PM04:54 AM06:52 PM
1829 Mar 202405:03 AM06:43 PM04:53 AM06:53 PM
1930 Mar 202405:02 AM06:43 PM04:52 AM06:53 PM
2031 Mar 202405:01 AM06:44 PM04:51 AM06:54 PM

Ashra 3: Days 21-30

DayDateSehri (AM)Iftar (PM)SEHRI (Fiqh Jafria)IFTAR (Fiqh Jafria)
2101 Apr 202405:00 AM06:44 PM04:50 AM06:54 PM
2202 Apr 202404:58 AM06:45 PM04:48 AM06:55 PM
2303 Apr 202404:57 AM06:45 PM04:47 AM06:55 PM
2404 Apr 202404:56 AM06:46 PM04:46 AM06:56 PM
2505 Apr 202404:55 AM06:46 PM04:45 AM06:56 PM
2606 Apr 202404:54 AM06:46 PM04:44 AM06:56 PM
2707 Apr 202404:53 AM06:47 PM04:43 AM06:57 PM
2808 Apr 202404:52 AM06:47 PM04:42 AM06:57 PM
2909 Apr 202404:51 AM06:48 PM04:41 AM06:58 PM
3010 Apr 202404:49 AM06:48 PM04:39 AM06:58 PM

Disclaimer: Kindly be aware that there is a minor difference of 01 minutes between Sehri and Iftar’s timings. Sehri concludes 01 minutes earlier, while Iftar begins with a 01-minute delay. At Fusion Pakistan, we strive to ensure the accuracy of all information and timings, including adjustments for Daylight Saving Time (DST) in some regions. However, it’s advisable to cross-reference these details with your local Mosque or Masjid for added assurance.

Hyderabad Ramadan 2024 Calendar

Our Hyderabad Ramadan 2024 Calendar guides you on when to start and end fasting each day. On March 12th, Sehri begins at 05:22 AM, and Iftar is at 6:35 PM. For Shia Muslims, Sehri starts at 05:12 AM and Iftar at 06:45 PM.

Because the Islamic and Georgian calendars differ, Iftar times change yearly in Hyderabad. That’s why trusting Fusion Pakistan for precise Ramadan timing in Pakistan is essential. We provide the Hyderabad Ramadan 2024 Calendar Urdu download with precise Sehri and Iftar times, prayer schedules, Qibla direction, and all the Ramadan related searches and information you need.

The Ramadan Calendar 2024 shows fasting dates and religious events throughout this Holy month. You can also find calendars for other cities besides Hyderabad Ramadan 2024 Calendar Pakistan.

Different Cities Ramadan Timing in Pakistan



The fasting time of the first Roza in Hyderabad starts at 05:22 AM and ends at 6:35 PM.

On the first day of fasting, Sehri time in Hyderabad is at 05:22 AM, while for Shia Muslims, it is at 05:12 AM.

The sunrise and sunset determine the fasting timings for Ramadan in Hyderabad. First Ramadan Sehri’s time in Hyderabad is 05:22 AM, while Iftar’s is 6:35 PM.

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