Ramadan Timing in Pakistan 2024 – Complete Sehr o Iftar Timetable

1st Ramadan in Pakistan 2024 will begin on the evening of March 11th, with fasting starting on March 12th and lasting for 29 to 30 days until April 9th. The duration depends on the sighting of the crescent moon, adding to the anticipation and significance of this religious period.

As Ramadan 2024 draws near, Muslims in Pakistan prepare for a month of fasting and spiritual devotion. The Sehr o Iftar timetable shows the times for the early morning meal (Sehr) and the evening meal to end the fast (Iftar). This helps everyone follow Ramadan Timing in Pakistan together, making it easier and more organized.

Here is the Schedule of Ramadan Timing in Pakistan 2024

This is the table for the Ramadan Calendar 2024 Pakistan from Sehri to Iftari for every city, for 1st Roza which is expected from 12 March 2024,

CitySehri TimeIftar TimeSehri (Fiqh Jafria)Iftar (Fiqh Jafria)
Karachi05:27 AM06:41 PM05:17 AM06:51 PM
Lahore04:55 AM06:10 PM04:45 AM06:20 PM
Islamabad04:58 AM06:14 PM04:48 AM06:24 PM
Rawalpindi04:58 AM06:14 PM04:48 AM06:24 PM
Peshawar05:04 AM06:20 PM04:54 AM06:30 PM
Quetta05:25 AM06:39 PM05:15 AM06:49 PM
Multan05:07 AM06:22 PM04:57 AM06:32 PM
Faisalabad05:00 AM06:15 PM04:50 AM06:25 PM
Sialkot04:53 AM06:09 PM04:43 AM06:19 PM
Hyderabad05:22 AM06:35 PM05:12 AM06:45 PM
Sukkur05:19 AM06:33 PM05:09 AM06:43 PM
Gujranwala04:55 AM06:10 PM04:45 AM06:20 PM
Kotli05:03 AM06:19 PM04:53 AM06:29 PM

Ramadan Timing in Pakistan is available on FusionPakistan

Ramadan is a significant time for Muslims worldwide, marked by fasting, prayer, and reflection. As Ramadan approaches in Pakistan, Muslims eagerly prepare for this sacred month. One essential aspect is Ramadan timing in Pakistan for the pre-dawn meal (Sehr) and the evening meal to break the fast (Iftar). Fortunately,

Feel free to rely on the detailed timetable of Ramadan in Pakistan 2024 available on FusionPakistan, providing Sehri and Iftar timings according to both Fiqh Jafria and Fiqh-e-Hanafi for all cities. Save time searching elsewhere, as we’ve got you covered with accurate and convenient Ramadan schedules.

Different Cities Ramadan Timing in Pakistan



Fasting during Ramadan typically starts at dawn (Fajr) and ends at sunset (Maghrib), following the Islamic lunar calendar. Specific timings may vary based on your location and the school of thought (Fiqh) you follow.

Iftar, the meal to break the fast during Ramadan, can be taken at sunset (Maghrib) after the call to the evening prayer. The specific time may vary depending on your location and religious practices.

Yes, Iftar is always at Maghrib, marking the time to break the fast during Ramadan.

Ramadan fasting begins at Fajr, which is before sunrise. It starts with the pre-dawn meal (Suhoor) and continues until sunset (Maghrib) when the fast is broken with Iftar.

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