Noor Jahan Drama Cast, Teaser, Story, Release Date, OST and Timings

Noor Jahan is a story about a strong mother whose actions significantly affect her kids. It’s all about family, love, and how people deal with tough times. The drama follows the ups and downs of the main characters as they figure out who they are and what they want in life. Noor Jahan drama cast includes Kubra Khan, Saba Hamid, Ali Raza, Noor Hassan, Zoya Nasir, Ali Rehman, Hajra Yamin, and Yousaf Bashir Qureshi.

Kubra Khan, Saba Hameed, and Ali Raza play the main roles in the show. Saba Hameed plays Noor Jahan, the powerful mother, while Ali Raza is one of her kids and Kubra Khan is her daughter-in-law. They did a fantastic job, bringing their characters to life with many emotions. Keep up with the ARY Digital weekly drama schedule and learn about its timings!

Complete Details About Noor Jahan Drama

  • Release Date: 25 May 2014
  • Genres: Drama Soap
  • Air Time: Friday to Saturday at 8:00 PM
  • Directors: Musaddiq Malek
  • Producers: Humayun Saeed & Shahzad Nasib
  • Writers: Zanjabeel Asim
  • Duration: 38 minutes
  • Channel Name: ARY Digital
  • Productions: Six Sigma Plus
  • Country of Origin: Pakistan

Noor Jahan Drama Cast

Here is the list of Noor Jahan cast names:

Cast of Noor JahanCharacter Name
Kubra KhanNoor Bano
Saba HamidNoor Jahan
Ali RazaMurad
Zoya NasirMaha
Noor HassanHunaid
Ali RehmanSafeer
Yousaf Bashir QureshiTBA
Hajra YaminSumbul

Kubra Khan as Noor Bano

Kubra Khan is a famous actress from Britain and Pakistan. She started acting in 2014 with the movie Na Maloom Afraad and quickly became one of the highest-paid actresses in the country. She’s known for her roles in hit films like Jawani Phir Nahi Ani 2 and Parwaaz Hai Junoon, as well as popular TV dramas like Sang-e-Mar Mar and Alif. Her talent and hard work make Kubra Khan a big name in movies and TV.


Saba Hamid as Noor Jahan

Saba Hameed is a famous actress and director from Pakistan. She became popular in the 1980s and 1990s and is best known for her roles in dramas like Kahin Deep Jaley, Mere Humsafar, and Fitoor. Her talent and memorable performances have made her a respected figure in Pakistani entertainment.


Hajra Yamin as Sumbul

Hajra Yamin is a Pakistani actress featured on TV shows and movies. She started with a small role in Maan Jao Na in 2018, then got a significant role in Pinky Memsaab the same year. Her acting in Pinky Memsaab got her nominated for an award at the Lux Style Awards. She’s talented and making a name for herself in Pakistan’s entertainment world.


Noor Hassan as Hunaid

Noor Hassan Rizvi, a Pakistani model and actor, has made a mark in the television industry with his diverse roles. He’s appeared in several popular Pakistani dramas like Shanakht, Mah-e-Tamam, Aseerzadi, Humsafar, Baydardi, and Ladies Park. With his talent and versatility, Noor Hassan continues to captivate audiences with his performances, showcasing his range as an actor.

Ali Rehman as Safeer

Ali Rehman Khan is a Pakistani actor recognized for his movies, TV shows, and theater roles. He’s won two Hum Awards and received nominations for the Lux Style Awards. Originating from Islamabad, he pursued business management before entering acting. His notable works include TV dramas like Muhabbat Ab Nahi Hugi and films like Janaan and Parchi. Ali Rehman Khan remains a prominent figure in Pakistan’s entertainment industry.


Ali Raza as Murad

Ali Raza is a well-known Pakistani model and actor who is recognized for his roles in notable projects. He gained attention for his performance in The Legend of Maula Jatt and Pakistani Chainsaw: A Love Story (2021). With his talent and on-screen presence, Ali Raza continues to leave a lasting impression on audiences in the Pakistani entertainment industry.


Zoya Nasir

Zoya Nasir is a multi-talented Pakistani personality known for her roles as an actress, entrepreneur, model, and beautician. She first gained attention with her lead role in ARY Digital’s crime drama Hania and later appeared in Deewangi. Zoya further showcased her acting skills in Hum TV’s Dobara as Narmeen and in ARY Digital’s Mere Humsafar as Sameen.


Noor Jahan is a Captivating Masterpiece With an 8.4 TRP

The drama Noor Jahan is a captivating masterpiece with an impressive 8.4 TRP, as shared by ARY Digital on Instagram. Viewers love its engaging storyline and well-developed characters, making it a favorite and keeping audiences hooked.

Episode 06 Teaser Noor Jahan Drama

Step into the world of Noor Jahan, a woman of invincible spirit who fights conventions and conquers every challenge she encounters. Enjoy the teaser, which gives a sneak peek into the story. ARY Digital has shared the teaser of the Noor Jahan drama latest episode on its official YouTube channel.


Noor Jahan drama cast includes Kubra Khan, Saba Hamid, Ali Raza, Noor Hassan, Zoya Nasir, Ali Rehman, Hajra Yamin, and Yousaf Bashir Qureshi.

Noor Jahan’s timings have not been announced yet.

Kubra Khan, Saba Hamid, and Ali Raza are main lead characters of Noor Jahan Drama.

Wrap Up

Noor Jahan is an exciting new TV drama from Pakistan. It’s all about a strong mother named Noor Jahan and her family. The show will explore how they deal with challenging situations and try to find their paths in a changing world. With talented actors like Kubra Khan, Saba Hamid, and Ali Raza leading the way, it’s sure to be full of emotion and surprises.

Get ready to be hooked on the heartfelt story of Noor Jahan as it unfolds on your screen!

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