Zoya Nasir Age, Husband, Family Details, Affair, and Dramas

She is a Pakistani actress, model, and entrepreneur known for her work in TV dramas. Zoya Nasir age was 29 when she started her acting journey with the drama Hania and later appeared in Deewangi. Most fans recognize her as Narmeen from Dobara and Sameen from Mere Humsafar. 

Besides acting, she is also into business and modeling. Her talent and hard work make her a standout in the entertainment world. This blog covers all the details about Zoya Nasir biography and personal life.

Zoya Nasir Biography

Full NameZoya Nasir
Date of BirthOct 15, 1990
Zoya Nasir Age34 Years
Zoya Nasir Instagram@zoyanasir
Zoya Nasir Facebook@Zoya Nasir
Place of BirthKarachi, Pakistan
ProfessionActress, Model, Beautician, YouTuber
EducationCosmetology degree from the USA
FatherNasir Adeeb
MotherAmna Ulfat
SiblingsSasha Nasir, Kamran Nasir, Jani Nasir, Shani Nasir
SpouseNo, unmarried
Weight56 kg
Height5 feet and 7 inches
Net Worth$3 Million Dollar

About Zoya Nasir Showbiz Career

Zoya Nasir began her acting journey by leading in a TV crime drama called Hania on ARY Digital. After that, she worked in another drama called Deewangi. Then, Zoya Nasir played Narmeen in a show on Hum TV called Dobara. She became famous as Sameen in the popular drama Mere Humsafar on ARY Digital. Her acting skills have won her praise from fans and critics alike, making her a rising star in the entertainment world.

Zoya Nasir Family

Zoya Nasir comes from a family deeply rooted in the film industry. Her father is famous for writing many movies and even received a Guinness World Record. Her mother, Amna Ulfat, is a politician who works on the Pakistani Censor Board.

Zoya Nasir family background in the film industry has influenced her journey as an actress and entrepreneur.

About Zoya Nasir Father

Zoya Nasir father name is Nasir Adeeb. He is a prominent figure in the Pakistani film industry and is renowned for his contributions as a scriptwriter, particularly in Punjabi language films produced by Lollywood. His remarkable career includes an extraordinary achievement—holding a Guinness world record for scripting the highest number of films

Besides movies, he has also written many novels, including a spy story that he wrote in his school, which became famous. His talent and hard work have made him a legend in Pakistani cinema.


About Zoya Nasir Mother

Zoya Nasir mother name is Amna Ulfat. She is a prominent political figure who serves as a member of the Punjab Assembly. In addition to her political commitments, she is involved in the business world as the owner of her daughter’s salon chain, Sasha’s. Zoya Nasir’s mother’s multifaceted roles showcase her versatility and dedication to public service and entrepreneurship, making her a respected figure in various spheres of society.


About Zoya Nasir Sister

Zoya Nasir sister, Sasha Nasir, is known for associating with the beauty industry. She shares her sister’s passion for beautification and is presumably involved in managing or contributing to Zoya’s salon chain, Sasha’s by Zoya Nasir. While details about Sasha Nasir’s professional work may not be widely available, her connection to the beauty business suggests a shared interest with her sister in this field.


About Zoya Nasir Brother

Zoya Nasir has three brothers, Kamran Nasir, Shani Nasir, and Jani Nasir. Kamran is the CEO of JS Global Capital Limited, a big deal in the financial world. His job involves leading a major company in finance, which is pretty impressive.

Shani and Jani, on the other hand, are also doing their thing, though we don’t have much info on exactly how they lead their private lives. Overall, Zoya and her brothers come from a family of achievers, each making their mark in different fields.

Here are Zoya Nasir pics with her brothers.




About Zoya Nasir Marriage

Zoya Nasir bravely opened up about her personal life, revealing that she married someone much older than her for the first time at 19 years old. Sadly, the marriage didn’t work out, and Zoya Nasir husband divorced her. Looking back, she realized she was too young and inexperienced to stand up for herself or make decisions in the marriage. She felt she was given many responsibilities without being treated as an equal partner.

After the divorce, Zoya’s family understood that marrying young girls isn’t always the best idea. Zoya urged parents to prioritize their daughters’ education, careers, and independence before discussing marriage. She believes that when young girls are married off too early, they miss opportunities to grow and become their person. It’s an important lesson she hopes others can learn from her experience.

About Zoya Nasir Engagement after Divorce

Zoya Nasir’s engagement to Christian Betzmann happened on Feb 19, 2021. However, she later announced they were no longer engaged on May 22, 2021. Their breakup came after Betzmann caused a stir on social media with some insensitive comments about Pakistan and the situation in Palestine. 

Zoya explained on Instagram that she had to end things because Betzmann’s attitude towards her culture and religion changed suddenly, and it just wasn’t okay with her. She believed in respecting each other’s beliefs and asked for privacy during the breakup. Betzmann’s comments received a lot of criticism online, adding to the drama of their split.

Here is a picture of Zoya Nasir and Christian Betzmann.


What is Zoya Nasir Education?

Zoya Nasir pursued her education in cosmetology, specializing in beauty and aesthetics, at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) in New York. This educational background equipped her with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in beauty, enabling her to establish herself as a successful beautician and entrepreneur.

What is Zoya Nasir Age?

Zoya Nasir age is 34 Years. She was born on October 15, 1990, and her zodiac sign is Libra. Zoya Nasir shares some qualities commonly associated with this sign. Like many Libras, she values balance and harmony in her life. Libras also strongly appreciates beauty and aesthetics, which resonates with Zoya’s career as a beautician and salon owner. Her keen eye for detail and love for everything beautiful drive her to excel in fashion and beauty.

What is Zoya Nasir Height?

Zoya Nasir height is 5 feet and 7 inches, making her presence both graceful and commanding, whether on screen or in person.

What is Zoya Nasir Weight?

Zoya Nasir maintains a healthy lifestyle, with her weight at 56 kilograms.

What is Zoya Nasir New Drama (Ongoing)

Zoya is currently working with Green Entertainment under BJ Production for her recent drama along Danyal Zafar and Mawra Hocane.

You can check my guide for the details on the timings of Green Entertainment dramas Schedule. I have tilted the complete timing schedule here.

Her second project is with ARY Digital where you can watch her sharing screen with Kubra Khan, Noor Hassan, Ali Rehman, Ali Raza, Hajra Yamin, and Saba Hamid.

Zoya Nasir Drama List

Check out Zoya Nasir drama list below.

YearDrama NameCharacterNetwork
2024Noor JahanTBAARY Digital
2024Let’s Try MohabbatZaraGreen Entertainment
2024Prem GaliFarzanaARY Digital
2023Dil Hi Tou HaiAbeeraARY Digital
2023Jannat Se AagayAmberGEO TV
2022Bikhray Hain HumSehrishHUM TV
2022Chaudhry and SonsToobaGEO TV
2022BadzaatAnnieGEO TV
2021Mere HumsafarSameenARY Digital
2021Sirat e MustaqeemLaibaGEO TV
2021DobaaraNarmeenHUM TV
2021Mere ApneShumailaARY Digital
2020ZebaishNatashaHUM TV
2019DeewangiNarmeen DurraniGEO TV
2019HaniaHaniaARY Digital

Zoya Nasir in Web Series

YearDrama NameCharacterNetwork
2020Dhoop Ki DeewarNeha SharmaZEE5 (Web series)

Zoya Nasir Movies

YearDrama NameCharacterNetwork
2020ChambeliSobiaGEO Films

Zoya Nasir and Shahveer Jafry

Zoya Nasir and Shahveer Jafry are close friends who often collaborate on YouTube vlogs together.



Zoya Nasir’s mother is Amna Ulfat, a well-known politician in the Punjab Assembly. Besides politics, she’s also involved in business, owning Sasha’s saloon by Zoya Nasir.

Zoya Nasir religion is Islam.

Zoya Nasir first drama name was Hania, which aired on ARY Digital in 2019.

Zoya Nasir’s ex-husband’s identity is not publicly known.

Wrap Up

The blog delves into the multifaceted life of Zoya Nasir, a prominent Pakistani actress, model, and entrepreneur. From her debut in the TV drama Hania to her portrayal of various characters in acclaimed shows like Deewangi, Mere Humsafar, and Dobaara, Nasir has left an unforgettable mark on the entertainment industry. Beyond acting, she has ventured into entrepreneurship with her salon chain, Sasha’s by Zoya Nasir.

Zoya Nasir’s life, including her early marriage at 19 and subsequent divorce, sheds light on the importance of education, independence, and empowerment for young women. Despite Zoya Nasir age, she faced many challenges. Nasir’s journey exemplifies resilience, grace, and a commitment to breaking societal norms, inspiring others to pursue their passions and carve their paths.

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