Ishq Hua Drama Cast, Teaser, Story, Release Date, OST and Timings

Ishq Hua is a gripping drama about love and its serious consequences. The story follows two lovers who face many challenges in their relationship. As their love grows stronger, they encounter misunderstandings, societal pressures, and personal struggles that put their passion to the test. Ishq Hua drama cast includes Haroon Kadwani, Komal Meer, Sohail Sameer, Sahar Hashmi, Fazila Qazi, and Ramiz Siddiqui.

Haroon Kadwani and Komal Meer are the main leads, delivering powerful performances highlighting their strong chemistry. This drama explores how intense love can lead to beautiful and painful moments. Stay updated with the GEO weekly drama schedule to watch the latest episodes and see your favorite actors in action. Ishq Hua is the highly anticipated signature project of 7th Sky Entertainment!

Complete Details About Ishq Hua Drama

  • Release Date: TBA
  • Genres: TBA
  • Air Time: TBA
  • Directors: Syed Wajahat Hussain
  • Producers: Abdullah Kadwani & Asad Qureshi
  • Writers: Nooran Makhdoom
  • Duration: TBA
  • Channel name: GEO Entertainment
  • Productions: 7th Sky Entertainment
  • Country of Origin: Pakistan

Ishq Hua Drama Cast

Here is a list of Ishq Hua cast names.

Cast of Ishq HuaRole Played
Haroon KadwaniTabrez
Komal MeerMinsa
Sohail SameerBahaar
Sahar HashmiRukhsar
Ramiz SiddiquiTBA
Fazila QaziTBA

Haroon Kadwani as Tabrez

Haroon Kadwani is a talented Pakistani actor known for his impressive performances. He recently starred in Geo Entertainment’s mega-project Ruposh, which achieved over 100 million views within two months and trended at number one on YouTube in Pakistan for ten consecutive days. Haroon’s remarkable acting skills and screen presence have made him a rising star in the Pakistani entertainment industry.


Komal Meer as Minsa

Komal Meer is a talented Pakistani television actress who began her acting career in 2018. She first gained attention through Miss Veet Pakistan 2017 and rose to prominence with her role as Rameen in Momina Duraid and ISPR’s Ehd-e-Wafa. Komal has since played leading roles in popular dramas like Benaam, Resham Gali Ki Husna, Tere Aany Se, and Qalandar, showcasing her versatility and strong screen presence.


Sohail Sameer as Bahaar

Sohail Sameer is a versatile Pakistani actor known for his television series and film roles. He began acting as a child actor on PTV and has since built a strong reputation in the industry. Sohail gained significant recognition for his portrayal of Nazakat Ali in Hum TV’s 2018 romantic comedy Suno Chanda, where his performance was widely appreciated. His diverse acting skills continue to make him a prominent figure in Pakistani entertainment.


Sahar Hashmi as Rukhsar

Sahar Hashmi is a rising actress and model in the Pakistani entertainment Industry. She is known for portraying the character of Esha in the drama series Zulm, where she starred alongside Faisal Qureshi and Shehzad Sheikh. In addition to her acting roles, Sahar is recognized as a social media influencer, video creator, and blogger, showcasing her versatility and engaging presence both on-screen and online.


Ishq Hua Drama Teaser

The teaser for Ishq Hua promises a gripping tale where love’s intensity leads to extreme consequences. Haroon Kadwani and Komal Meer star in this highly anticipated signature project from 7th Sky Entertainment. The brief glimpse showcases powerful performances and dramatic moments, hinting at a story filled with passion, conflict, and emotional turmoil, which will air exclusively on Geo TV.


Ishq Hua drama cast includes Haroon Kadwani, Komal Meer, Sohail Sameer, Sahar Hashmi, Fazila Qazi, and Ramiz Siddiqui.

Drama Ishq Hua timings have not been announced yet. They will be revealed closer to their release date.

Haroon Kadwani and Komal Meer are the main lead characters of the Ishq Hua drama cast.

Ishq Hua drama release date have not been announced yet.

Wrap Up

Ishq Hua is an exciting new drama from 7th Sky Entertainment starring Haroon Kadwani and Komal Meer. Haroon Kadwani recently impressed everyone in Ruposh, and Komal Meer, known for her roles in Benaam and Ehd-e-Wafa, led the cast. The drama also features well-known actor Sohail Sameer and rising star Sahar Hashmi.

The teaser for Ishq Hua shows a gripping story full of love and conflict. Don’t miss this highly anticipated drama, which is coming soon only on Geo Entertainment!

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