Haroon Kadwani Age, Family, Girlfriend, Dramas, and Height

Born in Karachi on September 6, 1999, Haroon Kadwani is making waves in Pakistan’s entertainment industry. As the son of Abdullah Kadwani, founder of 7th Sky Entertainment, Haroon’s talent and dedication have propelled him to success at a young age. Haroon Kadwani age signals a period of youthful energy and creative innovation as he navigates the industry’s complexities.

His role in the Geo Entertainment project Ruposh garnered over 100 million views in two months, cementing his status as a rising star and showcasing his acting prowess on a grand scale. Read on to learn more about Haroon Kadwani age, family, girlfriend, dramas, and height.

Haroon Kadwani Biography

Full NameHaroon Kadwani
Date of BirthSep 06, 1999
Haroon Kadwani Age25 Years
Instagram Account(@haroonkadwani)
Haroon Kadwani Facebook(@HaroonKadwaniOfficial)
Place of BirthKarachi, Pakistan
ResidenceKarachi, Pakistan
FatherAbdullah Kadwani
MotherWarda Kadwani
SiblingsMuskaan Kadwani, Shahvir Kadwani & Ryan Kadwani
Spouse(will update soon)
Height5 feet 10 inches
Net Worth14 Million

Haroon Kadwani Date of Birth

His date of birth is September 06, 1999. Haroon Kadwani date of birth marks the beginning of his journey in the entertainment industry, where he has since made significant strides.

Haroon Kadwani Age

He is 25 years old, entering the prime of his life with energy and enthusiasm as he continues to pursue his dreams in the entertainment industry. Haroon Kadwani age, passion, and dedication emphasize his willingness to embrace new opportunities and challenges on his path to success.

Haroon Kadwani Wife

He is currently unmarried and focuses wholeheartedly on his career and personal growth. If he chooses to marry in the future, Haroon Kadwani wife will undoubtedly be a fortunate individual who will share in his journey and accomplishments.

Haroon Kadwani Father

Haroon Kadwani father is Abdullah Kadwani, a prominent figure in the entertainment industry known for his multifaceted roles as an actor, producer, and the General Managing Director (GMD) of Geo Entertainment/Geo TV. Additionally, Abdullah Kadwani is recognized as the co-founder of 7th Sky Entertainment, a leading production company in Pakistan’s media landscape.

Hers is Haroon Kadwani pic with his father.

Haroon Kadwani‘s Siblings?

His siblings include Muskaan Kadwani, Shahvir Kadwani, and Ryan Kadwani, forming a close-knit family unit bound by shared experiences and mutual support.

Haroon Kadwani Family

His family comprises his father, Abdullah Kadwani, a distinguished figure in the entertainment industry, and his mother, Warda Kadwani, who provide a foundation of love and support for Haroon’s endeavors. Haroon Kadwani family is a source of strength and inspiration, fostering an environment conducive to his growth and success in his career.

Here are pics of Haroon Kadwani with his family posted by his father on his official Instagram account on his birthday.

Haroon Kadwani Whatsapp Number

His WhatsApp number is not publicly available, respecting his privacy and personal boundaries. Like many celebrities, Haroon Kadwani WhatsApp number is likely kept private to avoid unsolicited messages and to maintain professional communication channels.

Haroon Kadwani Height

His height is 5 feet 10 inches, reflecting a stature that complements his presence on screen and stage. Haroon Kadwani height, combined with his acting skills, contributes to his captivating performances and on-screen charisma.

Haroon Kadwani Drama

Check out Haroon Kadwani drama list below.

YearDrama NameCharacterNetwork
2024Ishq HuaTabrezGeo Entertainment
2023JhoomMain characterGeo Entertainment
2017Mohabbat Tumse Nafrat HaiSupporting characterGEO Entertainment
2015Izn-e-RukhsatSupporting characterGEO Entertainment
2011Aurat Ka Ghar KonsaSupporting characterGEO Entertainment

Haroon Kadwani Telefilms

Here is the list of Haroon Kadwani movies and TV shows.

YearTelefilm NameCharacterNetwork
2022RuposhMain characterGEO Entertainment
2021Teri Meri KahaniMain characterGEO Entertainment
2009Flirting Ke Side EffectsSupporting character

Haroon Kadwani and Kinza Hashmi

Their on-screen chemistry in Ruposh garnered significant acclaim, with Haroon Kadwani and Kinza Hashmi’s portrayal of a couple resonating deeply with audiences and contributing to the drama’s success.

Haroon Kadwani and Feroze Khan Relationship

Haroon Kadwani addressed comparisons to Feroze Khan in looks, emphasizing that while the resemblance is natural, he draws inspiration from his unique path in acting rather than seeking to copy Feroze Khan’s style. In an interview, Haroon expressed gratitude for being likened to a seasoned actor like Feroze Khan, considering it an honor to be compared to someone of his stature in the industry.

Haroon Kadwani New Release

Haroon Kadwani recently posted on his Instagram and shared a captivating glimpse of his upcoming drama serial featuring Komal Meer. In his caption, he teased his followers with the promise of something extraordinary in the works, urging them to stay tuned for the grand unveiling. The post, adorned with the hashtag #ComingSoon, hints at an exciting collaboration that will captivate audiences.

Keep checking the GEO drama schedule weekly to see when is your favorite actor joining the screen.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, Feroz Khan is not the brother of Haroon Kadwani. However, they bear a striking resemblance, prompting comparisons from fans and netizens.

The father of Haroon Kadwani is Abdullah Kadwani.

Haroon Kadwani pursued his education at the British Overseas School, where he completed his O-Levels. Subsequently, in 2018, he furthered his academic journey by successfully passing his A-levels from Cedar College.

Haroon Kadwani is unmarried.

Haroon Kadwani is 25 years old.

Wrap Up

In this blog, we delve into the multifaceted persona of Haroon Kadwani, a rising star in Pakistan’s entertainment industry. Born on September 6, 1999, in Karachi, Haroon Kadwani is the son of Abdullah Kadwani, founder of 7th Sky Entertainment. Despite Haroon Kadwani age, he has made significant strides in his acting career, with notable appearances in dramas such as Ruposh and Jhoom.

Alongside his acting endeavors, Haroon has also pursued his education, completing his O-Levels at the British Overseas School and subsequently passing his A-levels from Cedar College in 2018. He is famous for his on-screen charisma and captivating performances. Haroon Kadwani’s talent and dedication continue to garner widespread acclaim, promising a bright future in Pakistani entertainment.

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