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This blog covers the complete Usman Khan profile. He is a talented right-handed batsman from Pakistan who started his professional cricket journey by playing for Karachi Whites in the Quaid-e-Azam Trophy on October 9, 2017. He then moved to the T20 format, debuting for Quetta Gladiators in the PSL on March 3, 2021. Usman’s batting skills and consistent performance quickly made him an essential player in domestic cricket.

In November 2022, Usman joined the Chattogram Challengers to play in the Bangladesh Premier League. On January 9, 2023, he scored his first T20 century. Usman continued to shine in the PSL, setting a record for the fastest century in the league’s history. He also scored 430 runs in seven matches, with an average of 107.5, including two more centuries. His excellent performance earned him a place in Pakistan’s national team.

Usman Khan Cricketer Profile

  • Full Name: Usman Khan
  • Date of Birth: May 10, 1995
  • Age: 29 years
  • Batting Style: Right hand Bat
  • Bowling Style: Right arm Offbreak
  • Playing Role: Top order Batter
  • Major teams: Pakistan, Brampton Wolves, Chattogram Challengers, Delhi Bulls, Gulf Giants, Karachi Whites, Multan Sultans, Quetta Gladiators
  • Usman Khan Instagram: @usmankkhan13
  • Usman Khan Facebook: @Usman-Khan

How did Usman Khan start his Cricket Career?

Usman Khan began his cricket career in Farooqabad, located in the Sheikhupura District of Pakistan. He initially played cricket in the Sialkot region, where he improved his skills and developed a passion for the game. Seeking better opportunities to advance his cricketing career, Usman Khan moved to Karachi in 2012. This decision marked a significant turning point in his life.

In Karachi, Usman joined the Pakistan Cricket Club, a well-known club in the city’s cricketing circles. Here, he played under the captaincy of Sarfaraz Ahmed, who later became the captain of the Pakistan national team. Playing in such a competitive environment under an experienced leader’s guidance helped Usman refine his skills and gain valuable experience, setting the stage for his future success in professional cricket.

What is Usman Khan’s Batting Style?

Usman Khan is known for his aggressive and dynamic right-hand batting style, characterized by his ability to score runs quickly and efficiently. He combines solid technique with powerful strokes, making him formidable at the crease. His right-hand batting style has allowed him to excel in various game formats, showcasing his versatility and adaptability against different bowlers.

What is Usman Khan’s Bowling Style?

Usman Khan is recognized for his bowling prowess as a right-arm off-spinner. With this bowling style, he delivers the ball with his right arm, using subtle variations in flight, spin, and pace to outsmart batsmen. His off-spin bowling adds depth to his all-round abilities. Usman’s skillful off-spin bowling has been instrumental in providing breakthroughs for his team and containing opposition batsmen during crucial matches.

What are Usman Khan’s T20 Batting Stats?

Usman Khan’s batting stats highlight his impact on the T20 field. In seven matches, he scored 100 runs, with the highest score of 38. Here is a complete table featuring Usman Khan’s stats in T20.


When did Usman Khan Debut in International T20 Cricket?

Usman Khan made his T20 international debut for Pakistan on April 18, 2024, against New Zealand.

How many Centuries does Usman Khan have in PSL 2024?

Usman Khan has scored two centuries in the PSL 2024 tournament while representing Multan Sultans.

What are Usman Khan’s best Batting Performances?

Here are some of Usman Khan’s best batting performances in various matches:

  • Multan Sultans vs. Quetta Gladiators (PSL 2023): Usman Khan scored an explosive 151 runs off 66 balls, marking one of the highest individual scores in PSL history.
  • Chattogram vs. Khulna Tigers (BPL 2023): Khan remained unbeaten, scoring 103 runs off 58 balls to secure a nine-wicket victory.
  • Domestic T20 Match: Usman Khan’s influential century of 141 runs off 81 balls for his domestic side highlighted his ability to successfully dominate bowlers and anchor the innings.

These performances showcase Usman Khan’s capability to play match-winning innings in various T20 leagues and domestic competitions.

What are Usman Khan’s Top Partnerships of his Career?

Here are some of Usman Khan’s top partnerships in his career:

  • Partnership with Rilee Rossouw in (PSL 9): Usman Khan scored 120 runs off just 43 balls for Multan Sultans against Quetta Gladiators. This performance included nine fours and twelve sixes, making it one of the fastest centuries in PSL history.
  • Partnership with Mohammad Rizwan in (PSL 2024): During a match in the Pakistan Super League, Usman Khan scored an unbeaten 106 off 59 balls, forming a massive 148-run partnership with Mohammad Rizwan, leading their team, Karachi Kings, to a notable victory​.
  • Partnership with Tim David in PSL: In another notable PSL match, Usman Khan scored 85 runs off 50 balls, showcasing his consistent ability to score quickly and anchor the innings alongside Tim David.

These partnerships highlight Usman Khan’s explosive batting capabilities with other players and impact on T20 cricket.

What is Usman Khan’s Highest Score?

Here is the list of Usman Khan’s highest score across different formats.

  • T20 Matches: Highest score is 38.
  • One Day Internationals (ODIs): Has not played.
  • Test Matches: Has not played.

What is Usman Khan’s ICC Batting Rank?

Here is the list of Usman Khan’s ICC batting ranks across different formats.

  • T20 Batting Rank: 180
  • One Day Internationals (ODIs): Not listed
  • Test Matches: Not listed

Is Usman Khan playing in T20 World Cup 2024?

Yes, Usman Khan is playing in the T20 World Cup 2024. The official Pakistan T20 World Cup Squad announced by the PCB includes him and players like Abbas Afridi, Haris Rauf, Shadab Khan, Naseem Shah, Babar Azam, Shaheen Afridi, and many more.

What is Usman Khan’s Shirt Number?

Usman Khan’s shirt number is 78. It’s his unique identity on the cricket pitch, something that fans can easily spot. This number represents his role and contribution to the team.

What is Usman Khan’s Early Life Like?

Usman Khan’s early life reflects his journey from Farooqabad in the Sheikhupura District to pursuing his cricketing dreams. Initially playing cricket in the Sialkot region, he moved to Karachi in 2012 to get better chances. He played well in local tournaments, winning awards and catching the eye of selectors.

He joined the Pakistan Super League (PSL) team and later moved to Ajman, UAE, for work. Despite his job, he kept playing cricket in the UAE, showing his dedication to work and cricket.

What is Usman Khan’s Family Background?

Information about Usman Khan’s family background is unavailable, as he prefers to keep his personal life private, focusing solely on his cricketing career.

Is Usman Khan Married?

As of now, Usman Khan has no plans to get married, but we will keep you informed if there are any updates in the future.

When is Usman Khan Birthday?

Usman Khan’s birthday is on May 10th. It’s a special occasion for him and his fans and family, who celebrate his achievements and successes. On this day, they come together to honor his journey in cricket and to show their support and appreciation for all that he has accomplished.

What is Usman Khan’s Age?

Usman Khan is 29 years old. He was born on May 10, 1995, in Karachi, Pakistan. His zodiac sign is Taurus. Taurus’s traits, such as determination, reliability, patience, and loyalty, resonate with Usman’s approach to cricket. These qualities make him a valuable asset to his team and contribute to his consistent performance and success on the field.

What is Usman Khan’s Educational Background?

Information about Usman Khan’s educational background is not available.

What is Usman Khan’s Cast?

Usman Khan, the Pakistani cricketer, has not publicly disclosed the information about his caste.

What is Usman Khan’s Height?

Usman Khan’s height in feet is 5 feet 7 inches. His height gives him a good balance and agility on the cricket field, allowing him to move quickly and react swiftly during games.

What is Usman Khan’s Weight?

Usman Khan weighs approximately 68 kilograms. His weight complements his height, providing him with the agility and strength needed to excel in cricket. His fitness level is crucial for his performance on the field, enabling him to move swiftly, react quickly, and maintain persistence throughout matches.

What is Usman Khan’s Net Worth?

Usman Khan, the Pakistani cricketer, has an estimated net worth of $75K. This substantial wealth primarily stems from his professional cricket career, which includes playing in various domestic and international leagues and his contracts with teams like Multan Sultans in the Pakistan Super League (PSL).


In PSL 9, Usman Khan scored an impressive 430 runs in just seven matches for Multan Sultans, with an average of 107.5. These stats include two centuries, highlighting his outstanding performance in the tournament.

UAE-based batsman Usman Khan does not currently play for the UAE. After joining a Pakistan training camp, he was banned from Emirati cricket for five years

Usman Khan is not playing for the UAE because the Emirates Cricket Board banned him for five years after joining a Pakistan fitness camp, breaching his obligations to the ECB. He left to pursue his goal of representing his birth country, Pakistan.

Yes, Usman Khan has excelled as both an opening batsman and a wicketkeeper, showcasing his talent during Ramzan cricket tournaments.

Usman Khan is Pakistani. He represents Pakistan’s cricketing tradition, showcasing his talent and passion for the sport on the international stage.

Wrap Up

The blog explores the journey of Usman Khan, a talented cricketer from Pakistan, highlighting his rise in the cricketing world. Born in Farooqabad, he played cricket in the Sialkot region before moving to Karachi to pursue better opportunities. Excelling as an opening batsman and wicket-keeper, he caught the attention of selectors, leading to his inclusion in the Pakistan Super League (PSL).

Despite facing a ban from Emirati cricket, Usman remains dedicated to his goal of representing Pakistan. His story reflects the determination and resilience of a cricketer striving to achieve success at the highest level.

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