Haris Rauf Profile and Stats | Pakistan’s Right Arm Fast Bowler

He is a talented Pakistani cricketer known for his fast bowling. Harris Rauf profile highlights his cricket journey, starting with his Twenty20 debut for the Lahore Qalandars on 5 October 2018 in the Abu Dhabi T20 Trophy to his international debut for Pakistan in January 2020. His hard work paid off, and he quickly became known for his speed and skill.

Haris Rauf’s career reached another milestone when he made his Test debut against England in December 2022. He is known for his fast deliveries and ability to bowl accurate yorkers. His rise from being a relatively unknown player to an important part of Pakistan’s cricket team shows his dedication and talent. Today, Haris Rauf remains a key player for Pakistan, known for his match-winning performances and strong presence in international cricket.

Haris Rauf Profile

  • Full Name: Haris Rauf
  • Date of Birth: November 07, 1993
  • Haris Rauf Age: 30 years
  • Batting Style: Right hand Bat
  • Bowling Style: Right arm Fast
  • Playing Role: Bowler
  • Major teams: Pakistan, Baluchistan, Lahore Qalandars, Melbourne Stars, Northern (Pakistan), Qalandars, Rangpur Riders, San Francisco Unicorns, and Welsh Fire (Men)
  • Harris Rauf Instagram: @harisraufofficial
  • Harris Rauf Twitter: @HarisRauf14

Why is Haris Rauf Famous?

Haris Rauf is famous for being one of the world’s fastest bowlers. He delivered his fastest ball at an impressive 159 kph during the final over of his spell in a T20 World Cup match against England.

His remarkable speed and skill were highlighted when he bowled a hat-trick ball in the 19th over during the fourth match of the Pak vs Eng series at the National Stadium in Karachi.

How did Haris Rauf Start his Cricket Career?

Haris Rauf’s cricket journey began at 23 when he started playing with a hard ball. Initially, he joined the International Islamic University, Islamabad cricket team.

However, despite his initial reluctance, his career took a significant turn when the team’s coach encouraged him to attend the Lahore Qalandars trials in Gujranwala in September 2017. This decision marked the beginning of Haris Rauf’s professional cricket career.

What is Haris Rauf’s Bowling Style?

Haris Rauf is renowned for his fast bowling-prowess. He generates significant pace and bounce as a fast bowler, often troubling batsmen with his raw speed and aggressive deliveries. Haris Rauf’s bowling style is characterized by his ability to consistently bowl at high speeds, making him a formidable opponent for batsmen.

How Fast Does Haris Rauf Bowl?

Haris Rauf, a fast bowler known for his rapid deliveries, typically bowls in the high 140s to low 150s kilometers per hour (kph). However, during a T20 World Cup match against England, he showcased exceptional pace by delivering a ball at a remarkable speed of 159 kph. This rare feat underscores Rauf’s ability to generate extreme pace when conditions align favorably.

What are Haris Rauf’s T20 Bowling Stats?

Haris Rauf has played several T20 cricket matches from 2020 to 2024. In his 68 matches, he bowled 66 times, delivering 246.4 overs. During this time, he gave away 2035 runs but took an impressive 95 wickets. His best performance in an innings saw him grab four wickets while conceding just 18 runs.

With an average of 21.42, he’s proven to be quite economical, maintaining an economy rate of 8.25. Haris Rauf’s ability to strike frequently is evident with his low strike rate of 15.5. Overall, these numbers highlight his effectiveness as a fast bowler in the exciting world of T20 cricket.

What are Haris Rauf’s ODI Bowling Stats?

In One Day Internationals from 2020 to 2023, Haris Rauf showcased his bowling prowess in 37 matches. Throughout these games, he bowled 305.5 overs, which included 11 maidens. During this time, he conceded 1822 runs while taking 69 wickets. His standout performance saw him achieve a remarkable five wickets for 18 runs.

Haris Rauf’s bowling average stood at 26.40, and he maintained an economy rate of 5.95 runs per over. On average, he took a wicket every 26.5 balls he bowled. Additionally, he managed to secure four four-wicket hauls and one five-wicket haul, proving his ability to turn the tide of matches with his bowling skills.

What are Haris Rauf’s Test Bowling Stats?

Haris Rauf has only played one Test match so far. In that match, he bowled 13 overs, gave away 78 runs, and took one wicket. His best bowling performance in an innings was one wicket for 78 runs. Though he hasn’t gotten a 5-wicket haul or a 10-wicket haul yet, his presence in Test cricket suggests room for future growth and improvement.

When did Haris Rauf Debut in International ODI Cricket?

Haris Rauf made his international One Day International (ODI) debut in October 2020, marking his entry into the highest level of cricket beyond domestic competitions.

When did Haris Rauf Debut in International T2O Cricket?

Haris Rauf made his T20I debut on January 24, 2020, for Pakistan against Bangladesh.

When did Haris Rauf Debut in International Test Cricket?

Haris Rauf made his international Test cricket debut in December 2022 against England.

What Records does Haris Rauf Hold in T20 Cricket?

Here is a table listing Haris Rauf’s records in T20 cricket:

Most WicketsMost wickets in career9517th
Most WicketsMost wickets in a calendar year3113th
HaulsMost four-wickets-in-an-innings in a career0318th
HaulsMost consecutive four-wickets-in-an-innings021st
Most Balls BowledMost balls bowled in career148023rd
Most Runs ConcededMost runs conceded in career203517th
Most Runs ConcededMost runs conceded in an innings6046th
DismissalsBowler/batters combinations055th
DismissalsBowler/fielder combinations129th
DismissalsMost wickets taken bowled2324th
DismissalsMost wickets taken caught6611th
DismissalsMost wickets taken caught and bowled0341st
DismissalsMost wickets taken caught by a fielder5514th
DismissalsMost wickets taken caught by a wicketkeeper1122nd
Fastest Career WicketsFastest to 50 wickets5044th

What Records Does Haris Rauf Hold in Test Matches?

In his brief Test career, Haris Rauf has played just one match. He took a single wicket during this match, resulting in a bowling average of 78.00.

Haris Rauf has conceded nearly 6.00 runs per over, with his best individual bowling performance being one wicket for 78 runs. Although his Test career is still in its early stages, these initial stats highlight the challenges he has faced in adapting to the game’s longer format.

What are Haris Rauf’s Best Performances?

Haris Rauf’s best performances include:

  1. Best career strike rate: 9th with a strike rate 26.5 in One-Day Internationals.
  2. Most runs in an innings by batting position: 6th, with a top score of 35 in ODIs
  3. He ranked 1st for the most consecutive four-wicket hauls, with two successive four-wicket hauls in T20Is.
  4. Bowler/batter combinations: 5th in effectiveness against specific batters in T20Is.

What are Haris Rauf’s Top Partnership of his Career?

Haris Rauf, primarily known for his fast bowling, has had several notable partnerships in his cricket career. His partnerships as a bowler with fellow bowlers have been significant.

  1. Partnership with Shaheen Afridi: Haris Rauf and Shaheen Afridi are talented bowling teams in various cricket tournaments. Their fast and accurate bowling contributed significantly to Pakistan’s success in the ICC T20 World Cup 2021. They also opened the bowling for Lahore Qalandars in the Pakistan Super League, taking early wickets and maintaining pressure on the other team. Their performance in ODIs is also noteworthy.
  2. Partnership with Mohammad Hasnain in International Matches: Haris Rauf and Mohammad Hasnain have often bowled together in international T20 and ODI matches. Their combined efforts in the middle and death overs have been instrumental in controlling the run flow and taking crucial wickets, leading to several key victories for Pakistan.

What is Haris Rauf’s Highest Score? (Most Runs in a Match)

Haris Rauf has emerged as a formidable force with his exceptional bowling prowess and occasional contributions with the bat. Here is Haris Rauf’s highest score in different formats are as follows:

  • ODI: 35
  • Test: 12
  • T20: 32

What is Haris Rauf’s ICC Bowling Rank?

Haris Rauf’s standing in cricket is evident through his positions in the ICC bowling rankings across different formats. Here is Haris Rauf’s ICC bowling ranking across all three formats.

  • In ODIs: Haris Rauf is ranked 23rd in the ICC Bowling Rankings, with a rating of 563.
  • In T20Is: He holds the 25th position in the ICC Bowling Rankings, with a rating of 574.
  • In Test: Haris Rauf is listed 156th in ICC Test bowlers.

Is Haris Rauf playing in the T20 World Cup 2024?

Yes, Haris Rauf is playing in the T20 World Cup 2024. The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has officially announced the squad, and he is part of it. Alongside him, other notable players like Naseem Shah, Abrar Ahmed, Babar Azam, and Fakhar Zaman are also included in the T20 squad.

This lineup suggests a strong team representing Pakistan in the tournament.

What is Haris Rauf’s Jersey number?

Haris Rauf’s shirt number is 97, which is more than just a number; it symbolizes his identity and passion on the field, reflecting his dedication and commitment to the game.


What is Haris Rauf’s Family background?

Haris Rauf was born into a very respectful family in Rawalpindi, Punjab. His family is from Sharkool village in the Mansehra, Hazara region. They’re part of the Swati community. Haris Rauf’s father worked as a Public Works Department welder, which shows they’re a hardworking family.

Haris Rauf shared a heartfelt message on Instagram, expressing his deep gratitude for his father’s unconditional support:

Who is Haris Rauf Wife?

Haris Rauf wife name is Muzna Masood Malik. They married on December 23, 2022, in a traditional nikkah ceremony in Islamabad. Muzna is a social media influencer and fashion model with over 80K followers on Instagram.

According to rumors, she is also a BS Media and Communication student at the International Islamic University Islamabad (IIUI). Muzna has appeared in advertisements for various clothing brands. 

Here is Haris Rauf’s wedding photo.


Harris Rauf shared a heartwarming post for his wife on his Instagram account on his wedding day.

What is Haris Rauf’s Rraining Routine?

Haris Rauf’s training routine includes strength and conditioning exercises, bowling drills, cardiovascular workouts, flexibility training, and recovery techniques.

He focuses on strength-based compound exercises, high-intensity interval training for stamina, and stretching and physiotherapy for injury prevention and recovery. A balanced diet, mental fitness practices, and lean proteins support his regimen.

Which PSL Team does Haris Rauf Play for?

Haris Rauf plays for the Lahore Qalandars in the Pakistan Super League (PSL). He has been a key player for the team, known for his incredible pace and match-winning performances.

When is Haris Rauf ‘s Birthday?

Haris Rauf’s birthday is on November 7. It’s a special occasion for him and his fans, celebrating his birth and remarkable achievements in cricket.

What is Haris Rauf ‘s Age?

Harris Rauf’s age is 30, and was born on November 07, 1993. His zodiac sign is Scorpio. Scorpios are known for being intense, determined, and passionate. Haris shows these traits on the cricket field with his strong will to succeed and fierce competitive spirit.

What is Haris Rauf‘s Education?

Haris Rauf attended the Islamabad Model College for Boys I-8/3. During his time there, he was more interested in football than cricket, helping his school win the football trophy and being recognized as the tournament’s best player. For further education, he enrolled in the International Islamic University, Islamabad, for an IT program.

What is Haris Rauf‘s Cast?

Haris Rauf belongs to the Swati community, originating from Sharkool village in the Mansehra, Hazara region.

What is Haris Rauf‘s Height?

Haris Rauf height is 5 feet 11 inches. His tall and athletic build contributes to his effectiveness as a fast bowler in cricket.

What is Haris Rauf‘s Weight?

Haris Rauf weighs 70 kg. His fitness and athletic build are important to his performance as a fast bowler.

Is Haris Rauf a DSP?

Yes, Haris Rauf has been appointed as a goodwill ambassador for the Islamabad Police and given the honorary rank of Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP).

Haris Rauf shared this exciting news on his Twitter account, announcing his appointment as a goodwill ambassador for the Islamabad Police with the honorary rank of DSP.

Here is the photo of Haris Rauf in an Islamabad police uniform.


How Much is Haris Rauf’s Net Worth?

Haris Rauf’s net worth is estimated to be $5 million. He is also part of Yorkshire County Cricket Club, further solidifying his stature in the cricketing world.

What Awards and Recognitions has Haris Rauf Received?

Haris Rauf has received recognition for his cricketing talents. In May 2020, the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) awarded him a central contract.

He was placed in the newly created Emerging Players’ category, a testament to his promising potential in the sport. This recognition came ahead of the 2020–21 season, indicating the PCB’s acknowledgment of Haris Rauf’s contributions and prospects in Pakistani cricket.


Haris Rauf is ranked 23rd in the ICC ODI bowling rankings, with 563 points.

Haris Rauf has played 67 T20 matches and has taken 92 wickets. He averages 21.71 runs per wicket and gives away about 8.21 runs per over. His best bowling performance in a game is four wickets for 18 runs.

Yes, Haris Rauf bowled his fastest delivery at 159 kph during the T20 World Cup match against England.

Yes, Haris Rauf plays in the Big Bash League (BBL). He’s returning to the Melbourne Stars for BBL 13 after being picked by the club with Pick 9. Fans love Rauf for his fast bowling and energy, and he’s excited to join his old teammates for another season at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG).

Yes, Haris Rauf is considered a good bowler. His ability to bowl fast and deceive batters with his slower deliveries makes him a challenging opponent for batsmen. While his economy rate can sometimes be high, he has a talent for taking wickets, even on flat tracks and in various conditions.

No, Haris Rauf has not retired from international cricket. Although he considered retirement following criticism for opting out of the Test series in Australia, he ultimately decided not to retire after discussing the decision with his family and friends.

Yes, Haris Rauf does play Test cricket. He made his Test debut against England in December 2022.

Umran Malik might bowl fast at the start of a match, but his speed drops later. Haris Rauf has more experience and is usually more consistent because he’s better trained and fit. It depends on what the team needs at that time.

Haris Rauf played for the Melbourne Stars in the Big Bash League (BBL).

Haris Rauf earns a monthly salary of around 4.6 million Pakistani rupees. This salary is in addition to match fees, allowances, and other eligible bonuses that he may receive.

Wrap Up

The blog explores Haris Rauf’s biography, detailing his journey from humble beginnings to becoming a prominent figure in international cricket. Haris Rauf emerged as a talented fast bowler, showcasing exceptional speed and skill.

Haris Rauf’s standout performances, including his fastest delivery at 159 kph during the T20 World Cup and his impressive record in T20 cricket with 92 wickets, have earned him recognition and admiration. Despite facing criticism and contemplating retirement, Rauf remains dedicated to his craft, representing Pakistan in all game formats and excelling on the cricket field

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