Kashif Hussain Actor Biography, Age, MMA, Girlfriend, Dramas, and Height

He is a talented actor, director, and dancer from Pakistan. Kashif Hussain actor biography explores his debut from acting to directing films. He learned acting at NAPA and went to study theater in the USA. He started acting in plays like Neik Parveen and gained fame in theater. Then, he worked in short films like Jaleebi, which was significantly praised.

Kashif also made his directing debut with a unique approach to a famous play called The Ghost. He believes in the power of silence in expressing emotions. He’s now exploring TV dramas and continuing to impress audiences with his acting, directing, and dancing skills. Kashif’s future looks bright, and he aims to keep working hard and improving. Explore Kashif Hussain actor biography below.

Kashif Hussain Actor Biography

Full NameKashif Hussain
Date of BirthJanuary 1, 1990
Age34 years old
Kashif Hussain Instagram(@i.kashifhussain)
Kashif Hussain Linkedin(@Kashif Hussain)
Kashif Hussain FacebookCurrently Deactivated
Place of BirthKarachi, Pakistan
ResidenceKarachi, Pakistan
Profession/OccupationActor, Director, MMA Fighter, Dancer
EducationGraduated from University of Texas, USA; National Academy of Performing Arts (NAPA)
Father(Will be updated soon)
Mother(Will be updated soon)
Siblings(Will be updated soon)
SpouseNot married (Single)
Weight76 KG
Height5 feet 9½ inches (1.77 meters)
Net Worth$300k – $ 600k (Approx.)

Kashif Hussain Net Worth

His net worth is estimated at approximately $300,000 and roughly $600,000.

Kashif Hussain Education

He received his early acting education from the National Academy of Performing Arts (NAPA). Kashif Hussain further pursued his education at the University of Texas, USA, on a movement and theater training scholarship.

Kashif Hussain Theater

In 2011, he started his theater acting journey with the play Neik Parveen, directed by the renowned Zia Mohyeddin. After his debut, Kashif Hussain showcased his talent in various plays with theater production houses, including Court Martial, Fasana e Aja’eb, and Mowgli’s Jungle. His performances received appreciation from audiences and critics, highlighting his versatility and skill as a theater actor.

Kashif Hussain shared an appreciation post on his Instagram account on World Theatre Day.

Kashif Hussain Acting Career

He started his acting career with a short film, Jaleebi, which marked his debut on the silver screen, where Kashif Hussain made a notable impression with his performance. While he showcased his talent in various short films like The Game Play and Love Story, Jaleebi, directed by Shajee Hasan, stood out as the best among them, earning him recognition for his remarkable work in front of the camera.

Kashif Hussain Directorial Debut

When he directed his first play, he tried something new. Instead of talking, he used silence, movement, and dance to tell the story. Kashif Hussain believes that silence can express feelings better than words. This different way of storytelling got famous. After that, he worked with another director from America on a play for an International festival. It showed that he is not afraid to try new things and make theater exciting in different ways.

Kashif Hussain shared a post on his Instagram where he revealed the first look at his short film Happy Marriage, which he directed and wrote.

Kashif Hussain TV Dramas

YearDrama NameCharacterNetwork
2024AkharaNegative characterGreen TV
2022MushkilSupporting characterGEO TV
2021Qatil Hassinaow Ke NaamSupporting characterUrdu TV
2020ChurailSupporting characterZindagi

What Kashif Hussain likes to do

FoodBiryani (a flavorful rice dish with meat/veggies)
BeveragesLassi (a refreshing yogurt-based drink)
PlacesTokyo, Dubai, Turkey
ActorFawad Khan
ActressMahira Khan, Neelam Muneer
HobbiesDancing, traveling, reading

Kashif Hussain in Akhara

In Akhara drama, Kashif Hussain portrays Rustom, a negative character opposite Feroze Khan and Sonya Hussyn in the lead roles with Srha Asghar and Hina Afridi in supporting roles. Rustom is a cunning and manipulative individual who stops at nothing to achieve his selfish desires. His portrayal adds depth to the storyline, as Rustom’s actions create conflict and tension within the narrative, making him a compelling antagonist.

Green Entertainment has shared a glimpse of Akhara on their official Instagram account showcasing Kashif Hussain in the wrestling ring opposite Feroze Khan.

Kashif Hussain Wife

He is currently single. Therefore, there is no information available regarding Kashif Hussain wife or marital status.

Kashif Hussain Father

In Kashif Hussain actor biography, his father is mentioned as a businessman. Kashif Hussain father has supported his journey as an actor, encouraging and guiding him.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Kashif Hussain is 34 years old.

No, Kashif Hussain currently single.

Kashif Hussain made his debut in the industry in 2011 with the play Neik Parveen, directed by the legendary Zia Mohyeddin.

According to Kashif Hussain actor biography, some noteworthy dramas featuring him include Akhara, Churail, Razia, and Mushkil. These dramas have showcased his talent and earned him recognition for his remarkable industry performance.

You can find Kashif Hussain on Instagram using the handle @i.kashifhussain.

Wrap Up

In conclusion, Kashif Hussain actor biography unfolds his journey as a multifaceted talent in the Pakistani entertainment industry. Kashif, known for his theater performances and film acting, debuted in Zia Mohyeddin’s Neik Parveen. His director and writer debut, The Ghost, featured an innovative approach, replacing dialogue with silence, movement, and dance.

With a diverse collection spanning theater, film, and direction, Kashif has left an impressive mark in the industry, featuring in noteworthy dramas like Akhara, Churail, and Mushkil. As a versatile artist, he continues to captivate audiences with his talent, dedication, and commitment to the craft, shaping a promising future in Pakistani entertainment.

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