The Glassworker Coming to Theaters in Pakistan on 26 July 2024

Pakistan’s first hand-drawn animated feature film, The Glassworker, is set to hit theaters on 26 July 2024🎥✨. Produced by Mano Animation Studios and co-produced by Khizer Riaz and Manuel Cristóbal, the film is directed by Usman Riaz with a screenplay by Riaz and Moya O’Shea. It tells the story of a young glassblower navigating his craft and relationships amidst the turmoil of war, featuring anime-influenced animation🌟.

Premiered at the 2024 Annecy International Animation Film Festival, The Glassworker has already garnered attention for its unique artistic style and emotional depth. This groundbreaking film promises to captivate audiences and mark a significant milestone in Pakistani cinema🏆🌟.

The Glassworker Release Date

The Glassworker will be released in Pakistan on 26 July 2024, distributed by Geo Films and Mandviwalla Entertainment. This highly anticipated film had its world premiere at #Annecy2024, with all screenings sold out:

  • 10 June, Monday – 4:30 PM at Cinema Pathe 1
  • 11 June, Tuesday – 6:00 PM at Cinema Pathe 9 &10
  • 12 June, Wednesday – 12:30 PM at Cinema Pathe 3
  • 15 June, Saturday – 5:30 PM at Cinema Pathe 3

Complete Details About The Glassworker

  • The Glassworker Anime Release Date: 26 June, 2024
  • Genres: Romance & Animation
  • Directors: Usman Riaz
  • Screenplay: Moya O’Shea
  • Music Composers: Carmine DiFlorio and Usman Riaz
  • Writers: Usman Riaz
  • Producers: Khizer Riaz and Manuel Cristoba
  • Associate Producer: Mariam Paracha
  • Executive Producers: Azhar Hameed, Ameed Riaz, Apoorva Bakshi, Art Malik
  • Duration: TBA
  • Productions: Mano Animation Studios Production
  • Country of Origin: Pakistan

What is the Story of The Glass Worker Anime?

The Glassworker tells the story of young Vincent and his father, Tomas, who runs the finest glass workshop in the country. Their lives are overturned, upset by the impending war, which they want no part of. The arrival of an army colonel and his talented young violinist daughter, Alliz, in their town trembles their reality and tests the relationship between father and son.

The Glassworker Urdu Voice cast

CharacterUrdu Voice Actor
Alliz AmanoMariam Riaz Paracha
Mrs. PopolzaiAysha Sheikh
Tomas OliverKhaled Anam
Young VincentMahum Moazzam
Principal BhattiUsman Riaz
Vincent OliverMooroo
Malik KhanDino Ali
Colonel AmanoAmeed Riaz
Nadia AmanoFaiza Kazi
PenniAysha Sheikh
Professor AnsariKhalifa Sajeeruddin

The Glassworker Trailer in Urdu

Here is the trailer for The Glassworker in Urdu. This captivating preview showcases the beautifully hand-drawn animation and introduces us to the touching story of Vincent and his father, set against the backdrop of impending war.

The Glassworker English Version Cast

CharacterEnglish Voice Actor
Alliz AmanoAnjli Mohindra
Mrs. PopolzaiBex Wood
Tomas OliverArt Malik
Young VincentTeresa Gallagher
Principal BhattiNila Aalia
Vincent OliverSacha Dhawan
Malik KhanSham Ali
Colonel AmanoTony Jayawardena
Nadia AmanoMina Anwar
PenniMaya Saroya
Professor AnsariAlex Jordan

The Official English Trailer

Here is the official English trailer for The Glassworker, released by Mano Animation Studios. This trailer provides a glimpse into the visually stunning hand-drawn animation and the story’s emotional depth, highlighting the characters’ struggles and relationships amidst wartime turmoil with the mesmerizing voice of the Glassworker cast.

Where to Watch The Glassworker In Pakistan

Pakistanis will finally be able to watch The Glassworker full movie in Urdu, in theaters on 29 June 2024. It will be available at cinemas nationwide, including major chains like Cinepax and Nueplex and independent theaters.

The Glassworker – Pakistan’s First-Ever 2D Animated Film

This online buzz is all about The Glassworker, Pakistan’s first-ever full-length, hand-drawn 2D animated film! 🎨🌟

Seeing the trailer it looks like an homage to Studio Ghibli. Looks very interesting to say the least as the the director is a huge Ghibli fan so I mean, if you’re going to rip off anyone, rip off the best. 😎


Mano Animation Studios is based in Karachi, Pakistan. The studio, led by Usman Riaz and co-produced by Khizer Riaz, is where the stunning and handcrafted film The Glassworker came to life.

The Glassworker is Pakistan’s first-ever hand-drawn animated film. Produced by Mano Animation Studios and directed by Usman Riaz, this independent project marks a significant milestone in Pakistan’s film industry, having been developing for nearly a decade.

The budget for The Glassworker, Pakistan’s first hand-drawn animated feature film, has not been disclosed. However, the film has been a significant undertaking for Mano Animation Studios, requiring the establishment of a new studio and infrastructure in Pakistan, which lacked the facilities for full-length animated film production

Yes, it premiered at the 2024 Annecy Film Festival on 10 June 2024 and is scheduled to be released in Pakistan on 26 July 2024, distributed by Geo Films and Mandviwalla Entertainment.


The Glassworker promises to be a landmark in Pakistani cinema. It blends intricate storytelling with mesmerizing hand-drawn animation. With its upcoming release, audiences eagerly await this captivating tale of craftsmanship and resilience.

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