Hum Dono Drama Cast, Teaser, Story, Release Date, OST and Timings

Hum Dono is about two souls who find a strong connection despite their differences. Hum Dono drama cast includes Azaan Sami Khan, Kinza Hashmi, Zaviyar Nauman Ijaz, Nauman Ijaz, Babar Ali, Samar Jafri, Anika Zulfikar, Rabya Kulsoom Rehan, and Humaira Bano. This drama will surely touch hearts with its powerful performances and deep themes of love and sacrifice.

Azaan Sami and Kinza Hashmi play the main lead. As their worlds collide, we will see their relationship grow and face many challenges. The chemistry between Azaan Sami Khan and Kinza Hashmi will make the story come alive and keep viewers rooting for their love story. Stay updated with the HUM TV drama weekly schedule to watch your favorite actors in action.

Complete Details About Hum Dono Drama

  • Release Date: TBA
  • Genres: Romantic & Drama
  • Air Time: TBA
  • Directors: Syed Abis Raza
  • Producers: Momina Duraid Productions & Mehroz Karim
  • Writers: Bee Gul
  • Duration: TBA
  • Channel Name: HUM TV
  • Productions: MD Productions
  • Country of Origin: Pakistan

Hum Dono Drama Cast

Here is a list of Hum Dono cast names.

Cast of Hum DonoRole Played
Azaan Sami KhanTBA
Kinza HashmiSyed Abis Raza
Zaviyar Nauman IjazTBA
Samar JafriTBA
Nauman IjazTBA
Anika ZulfikarTBA
Rabya Kulsoom RehanTBA
Humaira BanoTBA
Babar AliTBA

Azaan Sami Khan

Azaan Sami Khan is a talented Pakistani actor and music composer. He is the son of legendary actress Zeba Bakhtiar and Indian musician Adnan Sami. He is known for composing music for hit films like Parey Hut Love, Parwaaz Hai Junoon, and Superstar. His notable tracks include Haye Dil, Noori, and Ghalat Fehmi. Now, he is set to showcase his acting skills in the upcoming drama serial Hum Dono.


Kinza Hashmi

Kinza Hashmi is a talented Pakistani actress who has significantly impacted Urdu television. She began her acting career in 2014 with Adhura Milan and has since appeared in numerous serials. Kinza gained widespread recognition for her role as Rushna in the romantic drama Ishq Tamasha, which aired on Hum TV in 2018. Her performance in this role earned her a Best Actress in a Negative Role nomination at the Hum Awards.


Zaviyar Nauman Ijaz

Zaviyar Nauman Ijaz is a Pakistani actor who works in Urdu television. He made his acting debut with the drama Qissa Meherbano Ka and has appeared in dramas such as Bakhtawar, Sang-e-Mah, Wehem, and Mujhe Pyaar Hua Tha. His performances have showcased his versatility and contributed to his growing popularity in the industry.


Samar Jafri

Samar Jafri is a rising talent in Pakistan’s entertainment industry. He is a singer, actor, and musician who gained fame for his role in the drama Mayi Ri, which aired on ARY Digital in 2023. The drama, centered on the theme of child marriage, showcased his impressive acting skills and has made him a notable figure in the industry.


Hum Dono Drama Teaser

Get ready for a glimpse into Hum Dono, where fate brings together two people from different worlds. Will their love endure despite the odds? Featuring Azaan Sami Khan and Kinza Hashmi, this upcoming drama on HUM TV promises a touching story of love and resilience. Stay tuned for its premiere! 💕 Don’t miss out on this heartfelt journey that will capture your emotions. ✨📺

HUM TV has shared the teaser of Hum Dono drama on its official YouTube channel.


Hum Dono drama cast includes Azaan Sami Khan, Kinza Hashmi, Zaviyar Nauman Ijaz, Nauman Ijaz, Babar Ali, Samar Jafri, Anika Zulfikar, Rabya Kulsoom Rehan, and Humaira Bano.

The timings for the drama Hum Dono have not been announced yet. They will be revealed closer to the release date.

Azaan Sami Khan and Kinza Hashmi portray the main characters in Hum Dono drama.

The release date for the drama Hum Dono has not been announced yet.

Wrap Up

The upcoming drama Hum Dono, featuring Azaan Sami Khan and Kinza Hashmi in lead roles, promises an intriguing storyline of love and resilience. Set to air on HUM TV, the drama explores the journey of two individuals from different worlds whose paths intertwine against all odds. Stay tuned for this captivating tale that showcases the chemistry and talent of its cast, promising compelling performances, and heartfelt storytelling.

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