Dua Aur Azan Drama Cast, Story, Teaser, Release Date, OST, and Timings

It is a story about love in a complicated world. It follows Dua and Azan, two people deeply in love but facing many challenges. Their relationship is tested as they navigate through life’s twists and turns, revealing the strength of their passion and determination. Dua Aur Azan drama cast includes Zain Baig, Areej Mohyudin, Arez Ahmed, Nauman Masood, Nadia Hussain, Erum Akhtar, Paras Masroor, Mizna Waqas, Kasim Khan, and Ilma Jaffri.

Zain Baig and Areej Mohyudin lead the cast as Azan and Dua. Zain portrays Azan, a man balancing duty and love, while Areej Mohyudin plays Dua, a woman with unwavering affection. Together, they take viewers through emotions, highs, and lows. Stay updated with the Green Entertainment dramas schedule to catch the talented Dua drama Pakistani cast in action.

Complete Details About Dua Aur Azan Drama Cast

  • Release Date: 26 April 2024
  • Genres: Romantic, Drama
  • Air Time: Friday to Sunday at 9:00 PM
  • Directors: Ahmad Hassan
  • Producers: Riaz Ilyas
  • Writers: Shayan Latif Sheikh
  • Duration: 37 minutes
  • Channel Name: Green Entertainment
  • Productions: BJ Production
  • Country of origin: Pakistan

Dua Aur Azan Drama Cast

Here is the list of Dua Aur Azan Drama character names:

Cast of Dua Aur AzanCharacter
Mirza Zain BaigAzan
Areej MohyudinDua
Arez AhmedShaan
Nauman MasoodHaider Samdani
Nadia HussainJahan Ara
Erum AkhtarZareena
Paras MasroorShafiq Ahmad
Kaiser Khan NizamaniWajahat Hussain
M. Shakeel HussainAamir
Shazia QaiserSaba
Ayan AzizMani
Inaya KhanRomana
Mizna WaqasSaima
Kasim KhanAmir
Ilma JaffriSanam

Zain Baig

He began his TV career in 2016 with Dil Lagi, Laaj, and Kuch Na Kaho. In 2017, Zain Baig continued to impress in dramas like Mohabbat Khawab Safar and Bedardi Saiyaan. He starred in various successful shows throughout the years, including Fitrat, Yaar Na Bichray, and Khuda Aur Muhabbat. Baig’s versatility and talent have solidified his position as a prominent actor in Pakistani television.

Areej Mohyudin

She is a Pakistani TV actress who began her career with Tajdee-e-Wafa and Jo Tu Chahey. She later starred in Tum Se Kehna Tha, Roag, and Bojh. Areej Mohyudin’s standout performance in Bandish 2 brought her widespread recognition, followed by Meray Hi Rehna, further solidifying her status in Pakistani television.


Arez Ahmed

He has been a familiar face in Pakistani dramas since 2016 and has starred in hits like Maikay Ki Yaad Na Aaye and Bholi Bano. Arez Ahmed’s notable roles include Hina Ki Khushboo, Sodai, Tum Se Hi Talluq Hai, and Piya Naam Ka Diya. Ahmed also appeared in Shahrukh Ki Saliyan, Mera Rab Waris, Kahin Deep Jaley, and Tarap. He ventured into movies with Betabiyan in 2019.


Nauman Masood

He is famous for his notable contributions to Pakistani entertainment. Nauman Masood gained attention for his performances in projects like Sacch, Why (II 2020), and Kitni Dour Kitnay Pass. Masood’s versatile acting skills and memorable portrayals have earned him a respectable reputation in the industry.


Nadia Hussain

She is from the UK and is based in Karachi, Pakistan. Nadia Hussain started modeling in 2000 after her A-levels. She’s known for her diverse portfolio in fashion, acting, and entrepreneurship. She owns a salon and launched her own lawn collection and footwear line, Fetish.


Episode 26 Teaser of Dua Aur Azan Drama

Experience the captivating teaser of Episode 26 of Dua or Azan drama – a mesmerizing tale that transcends the ordinary. Featuring a stellar Dua Aur Azan drama cast, this enchanting drama promises to stir your emotions. Don’t miss out on this beautiful journey of love and longing exclusively on Green Entertainment.

Green Entertainment has shared the promo for the Dua Aur Azan drama’s latest episode on its official YouTube channel.

Dua Aur Azan Drama OST

OST name: Tu Hai Meri Dua
Singers: Ahmed Jehanzeb
Composers: Ahmed Jahanzeb & Zaheer Zarf
Lyricist: Ahmed Jahanzeb & Zaheer Zarf

The Dua aur Azan OST Tu Hai Meri Dua is sung by Ahmed Jehanzeb. It was made by Ahmed Jahanzeb and Zaheer Zarf, who wrote the music together. The lyrics, also by Ahmed Jahanzeb and Zaheer Zarf, are about faith and hope. The song’s melody reflects the emotions of the drama, and Ahmed Jehanzeb’s voice adds depth to it. It’s a touching reminder of the power of prayer and belief.


Dua Aur Azan cast includes Zain Baig, Areej Mohyudin, Arez Ahmed, Nauman Masood, Nadia Hussain, Erum Akhtar, Paras Masroor, Mizna Waqas, Kasim Khan, and Ilma Jaffri.

Zain Baig and Areej Mohyudin are main lead characters of Dua Aur Azan drama.

Dua Aur Azan drama timings are 9:00 PM daily (Fri-Sun) on Green Entertainment.

Wrap Up

Get ready to be swept away by the enchanting story of Dua aur Azan, a new Pakistani drama that promises to steal your heart. Produced by BJ Productions and airing exclusively on Green Entertainment, Ahmad Hassan directs this captivating tale of love and life’s challenges.

Starring talented actors like Zain Baig and Areej Mohyudin, the drama is set to be a favorite among fans of romantic stories. Don’t miss out on the magic of Dua aur Azan as it unfolds on your screens.

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