Dagha Baaz Dil Film Cast & Story: Released on Eid ul Fitar 2024

The movie follows the long-feuding families brought together through their grandmother’s wish for an arranged marriage between the reluctant Faris and Zoya. Despite their initial reluctance and the comedic trials they faced, Faris and Zoya unexpectedly fall in love, defying the odds and bringing joy to their families. Directed by Wajahat Rauf, the film Dagha Baaz Dil Film cast included Ali Rehman Khan, Mehwish Hayat, and Momin Saqib. 

Ali Rehman Khan played a charming but secretive lead, while Mehwish Hayat portrayed a strong woman caught in a complicated romance. Momin Saqib added freshness as a young man facing love’s challenges. The movie has hit the screens, yet the channel has secured a lineup of other captivating shows. Make sure to explore the HUM TV weekly drama schedule for 2024.

Complete Details About Dagha Baaz Dil Film Cast

  • Dagha Baaz Dil Release Date: 10 April 2024
  • Genres: Comedy, Romance
  • Directors: Wajahat Rauf
  • Producers: Shazia Wajahat, Badar Ikram & Wajahat Rauf
  • Writers: Mohsin Ali & Wajahat Rauf
  • Duration: 2 hour 10 minutes
  • Channel Name: Hum TV
  • Productions: HUM Network Ltd.
  • Country of Origin: Pakistan

Dagha Baaz Dil Film Cast

Here is the list of Dagha Baaz Dil cast name:

Cast of Dagha Baaz Dil movieCharacter
Mehwish HayatZoya
Ali Rehman KhanFaris
Momin SaqibMoon
Beo Zafar RanaTBA
Babar AliTBA
Saleem ShaikhTBA
Laila WastiTBA
Tazeen HussainTBA
Ayesha KhanTBA
Michelle MumtazTBA

Mehwish Hayat

She became famous in Pakistani movies with hits like Jawani Phir Nahi Ani and Actor in Law. Mehwish Hayat did well in family movies like Punjab Nahi Jaungi, Load Wedding, and London Nahi Jaunga. On TV, she did great in shows like Meray Qatil Meray Dildar and Kami Reh Gayi. She acted in many Momina Duraid dramas and was in the Marvel TV show Ms. Marvel.

Ali Rehman Khan

He began his acting career with the road-comedy Gol Chakkar and gained recognition through the romantic drama Rishtay Kuch Adhooray Se. Ali Rehman Khan rose to fame with starring roles in TV series like Muhabbat Ab Nahi Hugi and Diyar-e-Dil. Khan achieved further success in commercially successful romantic comedies such as Janaan, Parchi, and Heer Maan Ja.

Momin Saqib

He is a Pakistani actor and host who gained widespread recognition through a viral video. However, Momin Saqib made his mark on screen by portraying Essa Qudratullah in Hum TV’s Raqs-e-Bismil. His performance earned him the Hum Award for Best Television Sensation Male and a nomination for Best Emerging Talent at the 21st Lux Style Awards.

Daghabaaz Dil Box Office Collection

The film Daghabaaz Dil, directed by Wajahat Rauf and starring Mehwish Hayat, was a hit at the local box office. It made over PKR 5 Cr. The movie did well during the Eid holidays, earning more daily money. On different Eid days, it made PKR 1.2 Cr, PKR 1.9 Cr, and PKR 2.0 Cr, showing that Pakistani audiences still love to watch entertaining movies.

Its total earnings of PKR 5.1 Cr in three days are the highest for a Pakistani movie in the past six months. It did better than movies like Nayab and Taxali Gate.

Dagha Baaz Dil Movie Trailer

Enjoy the trailer of Dagha Baaz Dil, which promisesĀ fun-filled family entertainment. Featuring an excellent Dagha Baaz Dil Film cast, this film is a must-watch. It is a blockbuster directed by Wajahat Rauf and produced by Shazia Wajahat, Badar Ikram, and Wajahat Rauf!

HUM TV Pakistan has shared the trailer of the Dagha Baaz Dil movie on its official YouTube channel.


Dagha Baaz Dil Film cast includes Mehwish Hayat, Ali Rehman Khan, Momin Saqib, Beo Zafar Rana, Babar Ali, Saleem Shaikh, Laila Wasti, Tazeen Hussain, Ayesha Khan and Michelle Mumtaz.

Daghabaaz Dil movie was released on Eid-ul-Fitr 2024. Daghabaaz Dil movie release date was 10 April 2024.

Wrap Up

In summary, the Daghabaaz Dil movie was released on 2024 Eid-ul-Fitr, 10 April! It promised an exciting time for cinema lovers. The trailer showed us the action-packed movie featuring an amazing Dagha Baaz Dil Film cast.

With its mix of romance and comedy, this film has become a blockbuster during the festive season, offering a thrilling experience for everyone to enjoy at the movies.

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