Hira Mani Age, Husband, Sister, Family, Height and Dramas

She is also known as Hira Salman, a star in the Pakistani entertainment industry. She’s best known as the wife of the popular actor Mani, but Hira has made a name for herself as a talented actress, too. Hira Mani age was 23 when she made her acting debut and quickly proved her acting skills in various TV dramas, winning over audiences with her performances.

Besides acting, Hira is devoted to her family and her husband, Mani. Despite her fame, she stays down-to-earth. Hira’s charm and talent continue to shine bright, making her a favorite among fans of Pakistani TV. This blog covers all the details regarding Hira Mani age, husband, family, height, and dramas.

Hira Mani Biography

Full NameHira Mani
Date of BirthFeb 27, 1989
Hira Mani age35 Years
Hira Mani Instagram(@hiramaniofficial)
Place of BirthKarachi, Pakistan
ResidenceKarachi, Pakistan
Hira Mani EducationGraduated
FatherSyed Farukkh Jamal
MotherNaheed Jamal
SiblingsFour Brothers
SpouseMani (Salman Saqib Sheikh)
Weight50 kg
Height5 feet 5 inches
Net Worth$5 million

Hira Mani’s Family Background

Her family is from Karachi, Pakistan. Her dad works at a bank, and they live in Hyderi, a part of Karachi. She is the only girl among her four brothers. Hira Mani family supported her throughout her career and shaped her down-to-earth personality, which you see on screen.

Who are Hira Mani’s Parents?

Hira Mani’s parents are Syed Farukkh Jamal and Naheed Jamal.

How many brothers does Hira Mani have?

Hira Mani has four brothersTalha Jamal, Ubaid Jamal, Hassan Jamal, and Shah Jamal. Here is a picture from her appearance on Good Morning Pakistan.


Hira Mani Husband and children

She is married to Salman Saqib Sheikh, famous for his stage name, Mani. Hira Mani age was just 19 when she married Mani. Hira Mani husband is a renowned host and actor, particularly famous for his comedic roles. He had already established himself in the industry before Hira ventured into acting.

Hira Mani marriage story has sparked the internet. In the interview, she revealed that she got her husband’s phone number from a friend’s mobile. This initiated their conversations, eventually leading to a romantic relationship and marriage. Hira Mani wedding date is April 18, 2008. Together, they have two sons named Muzammil and Ibrahim.

Here is Hira Mani pic with her family.

HIra Mani’s Early life

She was born in Karachi, Pakistan, in February 1988 into a middle-class family. After marrying Salman Saqib Sheikh, also known as Mani, she shifted from academics to media. Following her marriage, Hira entered the media industry, hosting music shows and appearing in satirical TV programs like Hum Sab Umeed Se Hain. She also made cameo appearances in sitcoms like Mr. Shamim.

Hira Mani Education

She has completed her graduation.

How tall is Hira Mani?

Hira Mani height is 5 feet 5 inches.

What is Hira Mani’s Weight?

Hira Mani weight is 50 kilograms.

Controversy Episode: Hira Mani Concert

Hira Mani concert caused a stir when a video of her singing in the US went viral. While she has shown talent before, people had mixed feelings this time. Some didn’t like her song or singing. The audience seemed uninterested, except for her son, who recorded it, which got people wondering why she’s doing concerts in the US.

Hira Mani Drama List

YearDrama NameCharacterNetwork
2024Jaan Se Pyara JuniHusan AraHum TV
2023Meher MahMain characterExpress TV
2023Hum DonoMain characterExpress TV
2022Yeh Na Thi Hamari QismatMain characterARY Digital
2022Ibn-e-HawaMain characterARY Digital
2021Mein Hari PiyaMain characterARY Digital
2021Yun Tu Hai Pyar BohutMain characterHum TV
2020Mohabbatein ChahateinMain characterHum TV
2020KashfMain characterHum TV
2019Mere Paas Tum HoSupporting characterARY Digital
2019GhalatiMain characterARY Digital
2019Mohabbat Na KariyoMain characterGEO Entertainment
2019Do BolMain characterARY Digital
2019BandishMain characterARY Digital
2018AanganSupporting characterHum TV
2018Dil Mom Ka DiyaSupporting characterARY Digital
2018ThaysMain characterA-Plus TV
2018Mera Khuda JaneMain characterGEO Entertainment
2017PagliMain characterHum TV
2017Yaqeen Ka SafarSupporting characterHum TV
2017Bilqees Urf BittoMain characterUrdu 1
2017Sun YaaraSupporting characterARY Digital
2016Preet Na Kariyo KoiMain characterHum TV
2014FiraaqSupporting characterHum TV
2014Jab We WedSupporting characterUrdu 1
2013Meri Teri KahaniMain characterARY Digital

Hira Mani Movie

YearMovie NameCharacterNetwork
2023Teri Meri KahaniyaanMumtazHUM TV

Hira Mani Awards and Recognition

Hira Mani dramas have received many nominations; however, she has only won one award.

2021Lux Style AwardsBest Female Actor-Critics for KashfNominated
2021Pakistan International Screen AwardsBest Television Actress (Jury) for KashfNominated
2021ARY People’s Choice AwardsFavorite Actress for GhalatiNominated
2021ARY People’s Choice AwardsFavorite Actress in a role of Bahu for GhalatiWon
2021ARY People’s Choice AwardsFavorite Actress in a role of Bhabhi for GhalatiNominated
2020Pakistan International Screen AwardsBest Television Actress-Critic for Do BolNominated
2019ARY Digital- Social Media Drama Awards 2018Best Supporting Actor (Female) for Dil Mom Ka DiyaNominated
2019ARY Digital- Social Media Drama Awards 2018Best Couple for Dil Mom Ka DiyaNominated
2018Hum AwardsBest Supporting Actress for Yaqeen Ka SafarNominated

Hira Mani and Affan Waheed

Hira Mani and Affan Waheed have collaborated on several projects, including Ghalti, Meher Mah, Yun Tu Pyar Hai Bohut, and, notably, Do Bol, which achieved global success.

Hira Mani’s Comeback: A Return to the Spotlight in ‘Jaan Se Pyara Juni Drama’

Hira Mani, a beloved Pakistani TV star, has returned to the spotlight with her latest role in the much-anticipated series Jaan Se Pyara Juni Drama. Before this, she was last seen in Meher Mah in 2023. Her comeback in a nee Drama has generated excitement among fans, highlighting her enduring popularity in Pakistani TV.

Hira Mani posted on Instagram about her coming series Jaan Se Pyara Juni Drama, showcasing her fabulous acting skills and revealing her character name as Husn Ara alongside Zahid Ahmed.


Yes, Hira Mani has two sons named Muzammil and Ibrahim.

Hira met Mani through a mutual friend, who happened to be dating Mani at the time. Despite being engaged to someone else, Hira admired Mani’s work on television. She revealed that she took Mani’s number from her friend’s phone, sparking conversations between them. Eventually, their connection grew, leading to their marriage.

As of 2024, Hira Mani age is 35.

Hira Mani husband is Salman Saqib Sheikh, popularly known as Mani. He is a Pakistani actor, politician, and host famous for his comedic roles.

Wrap Up

In conclusion, this blog explores the journey of Hira Mani, a famous actress in Pakistani TV. Hira’s story is about talent and determination, from her debut to her rise to fame. We see how she went from being known as Mani’s wife to making a name for herself in the industry.

Her recent return to TV in Jaan Se Pyara Juni Drama shows her enduring popularity. We also learn about her family life with her husband, Mani, and their two sons, Muzammil and Ibrahim. Hira’s inspiring story shows how hard work and passion can lead to success.

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