Hamza Sohail Biography: Find about his age, Wife, Father, Height, TV Dramas

This blog covers Hamza Sohail’s biography, a rising Pakistani actor who started acting in 2021. He’s the son of Sohail Ahmed, a famous comedian in Pakistan. Hamza first studied in Pakistan, then went to London to finish his studies. After graduating in 2019, he returned to Pakistan to become an actor.

His first TV show was Raqeeb Se, where Hamza played Abdul. Even though he had a small role, people liked his acting. Hamza Sohail became famous for his role in Fairytale and Badshah Begum. These dramas have brought him immense popularity and are widely acclaimed

Hamza Sohail Biography

Full NameHamza Sohail
Hamza Sohail Date of BirthJan 01, 1995
Hamza Sohail age29 Years
Hamza Sohail Instagram@hamzasohail_96
Place of BirthLahore, Pakistan
ResidenceLahore, Pakistan
Profession/OccupationActor and Model
EducationMBA degree
Hamza Sohail FatherSohail Ahmed
Hamza Sohail MotherN/A
Hamza Sohail SiblingsNo, because he is the only son
Hamza Sohail ReligionIslam
Weight73 KG
Height5 Feet 10 Inches
Net WorthN/A

About Hamza Sohail Showbiz Career

He started acting after finishing his studies. He joined showbiz in 2021 and got his first big role in Raqeeb Se. Hamza Sohail’s first drama gained attention later; he appeared in Main Haari Piya and ventured into a web series with Mrs. & Mr. Shameem. His standout performance came in the Ramadan drama Fairy Tale in 2023, which made him widely recognized.

What is Hamza Sohail’s Educational background?

Hamza Sohail Pakistani actor holds a bachelor’s and master’s degree in business from Coventry University’s London campus. He completed his early education at Beaconhouse School System in Lahore before pursuing higher studies abroad in England.

What is the Nationality of Hamza Sohail?

Hamza Sohail is Pakistani. Although he went to England after high school to get his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in business, his nationality is still Pakistani.

Here is Hamza Sohail’s 2019 post from when he was in London.

About Hamza Sohail’s Family

Hamza Sohail comes from a talented family background. He is the son of the renowned comedian Sohail Ahmed, a well-known figure in Pakistani entertainment. Sohail Ahmed, father of Hamza Sohail, is celebrated for his comedic genius and has gained fame by appearing on shows like Hasb e Haal. He inherits a legacy of talent and creativity as the son of such a prominent figure in the industry.

Here is a picture of Hamza Sohail with his family.


Is Hamza Sohail Engaged?

No, Hamza Sohail is not engaged or in a relationship. Despite being adored by many as the “Nation’s Boyfriend,” he is still single and hasn’t announced his romantic status.

What is Hamza Sohail’s Age?

Hamza Sohail age is 29. His zodiac sign is Capricorn. Capricorns are typically ambitious, hardworking, and practical. Hamza’s career determination and responsible approach to life mirror these traits. He’s driven and disciplined, traits that likely contribute to his success as an actor and in his academic pursuits.

What is Hamza Sohail’s Weight?

Hamza Suhail maintains a healthy weight of 73 kilograms, indicating his commitment to a balanced lifestyle. His dedication to a nutritious diet keeps him fit and provides the energy and stability needed for his daily routine.

What is Hamza Sohail’s Height?

Hamza Sohail’s height in feet is 5 feet 10 inches, which is often considered above average and gives him a commanding presence.

What is Hamza Sohail Recent Drama 2024

Hamza Sohail is working on HUM TV drama in the leading role alongside Sajal Aly. Check out the HUM TV drama schedule to keep yourself updated about the latest episode of Hamza Sohail’s latest drama.

Hamza Sohail Dramas List

Check out the list of Hamza Sohail dramas below.

YearDrama NameCharacterNetwork
2024Zard Patton Ka BunnNofelHum TV
2024Burns Road Kay Romeo JulietFarhaad KarimARY Digital
2023Sirf TumHannan IjazGeo TV
2023Breaking NewsHussainGreen Entertainment
2023Fairy Tale Season 2Farjaad Khan BahadurHum TV
2023Fairy TaleFarjaad Khan BahadurHum TV
2022Badshah BegumPir ShahmirHum TV
2021Main Hari PiyaSaud DurraniARY Digital
2021Raqeeb SeAbdul RahmanHum TV

Hamza Sohail in Web series

YearWeb series nameRole playedNetwork
2022Mrs. & Mr. ShameemAliZEE5

What is Hamza Sohail and Sehar Khan‘s relationship?

Sehar Khan and Hamza Sohail worked together in the superhit drama Fairy Tale Seasons 1 and 2, alongside Aena Khan and Adnan Raza Mir. Their acting and chemistry were excellent, and due to this, the show became a big success. They look good together on screen. Therefore, some fans think they might be dating. However, neither of them has said anything official about it, so Sehar Khan and Hamza Sohail’s relationship has not been confirmed yet.

Humza Sohail has shared an adorable post on his Instagram with Sehar Khan.

What is Anmol Baloch and Hamza Sohail’s relationship?

Hamza Sohail and Anmol Baloch are not confirmed dating, as they’ve only worked together in a drama serial Sirf Tum.


What is Sajal Aly and Hamza Sohail’s Opinion about Working In Bollywood?

During promotions, Sajal Aly expressed her desire to work with Bollywood director Imtiaz Ali and actor Ranbir Kapoor if given another chance. Meanwhile, Hamza Sohail highlighted the abundance of talented actresses in Pakistan, stating he prefers to work with them first, saying, “We have so many great actresses here, the target is to work with them, God-willing.”


No, Hamza Sohail is not married.

Information about Hamza Sohail’s wife’s name is unavailable because, as of now, Hamza Sohail is unmarried.

Hamza Sohail’s father is Sohail Ahmed, a famous comedian who gained fame by appearing on shows like Hasb e Haal.

There is no public information or confirmed reports about Hamza Sohail’s relationships. He maintains a private personal life.

Hamza Sohail is Pakistani.

Hamza Sohail is the son of Sohail Ahmed. He is a famous Pakistani actor, comedian, and director.

His biography lists Hamza Sohail’s all dramas, including Raqeeb Se, his debut project, Fairy Tale, Badshah Begum, and Sirf Tum.

Hamza Sohail’s Instagram ID is @hamzasohail_96.

Wrap Up

The blog delves into the Hamza Sohail biography, a rising Pakistani actor, tracing his journey from his debut in 2021. Hamza is the son of renowned Pakistani comedian Sohail Ahmed, known as Azizi. After completing his education in Pakistan and further studies in London, Hamza ventured into the entertainment industry, showcasing his talent in dramas like Raqeeb Se and Badshah Begum.

Many fans are excited to watch the latest TV shows with Hamza Sohail, as his performances have been highly praised. With his disciplined approach, ambition, and determination, Hamza has engraved a niche for himself, earning praise for his performances and garnering attention. Despite speculation, Hamza remains unmarried, focusing on his career.

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