Arslan Naseer Age, Wife, Dramas, Family, and Social Media Handles

He is a famous Pakistani actor and YouTuber known for his channel, CBA – Arslan Naseer, where he talks about cricket. With over 1.5 million subscribers, he is a famous personality online. In 2021, when Arslan Naseer age was 36, he made his acting debut on a romantic comedy TV show called Chupke Chupke.

Arsalan Naseer’s work shows he’s talented both on-screen and online. He is a shining star in Pakistan’s entertainment scene. Explore complete details about CBA Arslan Naseer age, wife, dramas, family, and social media handles below.

CBA Arslan Naseer Biography

Full NameArslan Naseer
Date of BirthJuly 31, 1985
CBA Arslan Naseer Age39 Years
Arslan Naseer Instagram@cba.arslan.naseer
CBA Arslan Naseer YouTube@arsalancba
CBA Arslan Naseer Twitter@ArslanNaseerCBA
Place of BirthKarachi, Pakistan
Profession/OccupationYouTuber, Social Media Personality, Actor
EducationMasters from England
Weight70 kg
Height5 feet and 8 inches
Net WorthBetween $50,000 and $90,000

About Arslan Naseer family

Arslan Naseer likes to keep his personal life private, so there isn’t much information about his family. He has a brother and a sister. His father was in the Army, and his mom stayed home. He was married before, but it didn’t work out, and now he’s single. However, there is no information about Arslan Naseer wife. That’s about all we know about the Arslan Naseer family.

Arslan Naseer wikipedia page only provides comprehensive information about his career and achievements.

About Arslan Naseer Career Start in Industry

Arslan Naseer started his career as a content creator in 2011. Later, he began his acting journey in 2021 with a romantic comedy series called Chupke Chupke on Hum TV. It aired during Ramadan. Even though he was new to acting, Arslan impressed everyone with his performance, marking the beginning of his career in the entertainment world.

Comics by Arslan, CBA

Before joining the entertainment world, Arslan Naseer ran a Facebook page called Comics by Arslan, CBA starting in 2011. He shared funny comics that got him a massive following, making him the first Pakistani with 1 million Facebook fans. In 2016, he turned serious about his work, gained fame, and became one of Pakistan’s top content creators despite a slow start with his first YouTube videos in 2012.


Showbiz Career

Arslan Naseer has been involved in various TV projects. He was a scriptwriter for the famous cartoon Burka Avenger. His work got international recognition, winning awards like the Peabody Award. In 2021, he starred in Hum TV’s Ramadan special drama Chupke Chupke, where his role as Hadi earned him praise.

He also acted in other shows like Hona Tha Pyar and Paristan. Currently, he’s working on projects like the thriller series Siyaah and Pakistan’s first international collaboration with Turkey for the series Selahaddin Eyyubi. Arslan’s roles show his talent and growing success in the entertainment world.

Refer to Arslan Naseer wikipedia as it serves as a valuable resource for those interested in gaining more insight into his professional and personal life.

What is Arslan Naseer Education ?

Arslan Naseer received his early education at a military school. Later, he moved to Ireland to get his bachelor’s degree in business administration. After that, he went to England to obtain his master’s degree. He started working there but decided to return to Karachi, Pakistan, in 2012 to pursue his career in entertainment.

What is Arslan Naseer date of birth?

Arslan Naseer was born on July 31, 1985.

What is CBA Arslan Naseer Age?

As of 2024, CBA Arslan Naseer age is 39 years old.

What is Arslan Naseer Height?

Arslan Naseer is 5 feet and 8 inches tall.

What is Arslan Naseer Weight?

Arslan Naseer weighs 70 kilograms.

Who is Arslan Naseer Wife?

Arslan Naseer is currently single, so there is no information about Arsalan Naseer married life.

What is Arslan Naseer Net Worth?

According to sources, Arslan Naseer’s net worth is between $50,000 and $90,000. This amount provides him with a comfortable lifestyle, especially in Pakistan.

Controversy Episode: Arslam Called out for being a Hyprcrite

Arslan Naseer was criticized for attending the Hum Awards while floods were happening. Before, he had scolded celebrities for going to events during important times like elections. But now, people call him a hypocrite for doing the same thing he criticized others for.


Arsalan Naseer has shared his award-winning post on his Instagram account.

Arslan Naseer Returning to Screen

Arslan Naseer was last seen in the 2023 drama Neem on Hum TV. Fans are excited about his comeback in new projects like Radd on ARY Digital, along with Shehryar Munawar and Hiba Bukhari, and Pase Deewar on Green Entertainment, along with Ali Rehman Khan and Noor Zafar Khan.

These shows will show different sides of his acting. Arslan’s journey from a YouTuber to an actor shows his talent and dedication. Stay updated with the Green Entertainment drama schedule and ARY Digital schedule for his latest drama updates!

Arslan Naseer Drama List

YearDrama NameCharacterNetwork
2024Pase DeewarIftikhar HussainGreen Entertainment
2024RaddZainARY Digital
2023NeemShazilHum TV
2022ParistanArsamHum TV
2021Chupke ChupkeMuhammad Hadi KamilHum TV
2021Hona Tha PyarAzamTelefilm
2013–16Burka AvengerScriptwriterWriter only; co-writer

CBA Arslan Naseer Awards and Recognition

2023Lux style Award for Best Actor Viewers Choice 2023
2022Hum Award for Best New Sensation Male
2021PISA for Best Use of Humour on Social Media

Aymen Saleem and Arslan Naseer

Aymen Saleem and Arslan Naseer have worked together in the TV dramas Chupke Chupke and Paristan. Fans adore their on-screen chemistry.



No, Arslan Naseer is not married. He is single.

The full form of CBA in CBA Arslan Naseer is Comics by Arslan.

Aymen Saleem clarified her relationship with co-star Arslan Naseer, stating they have always been co-stars and friends.

Arslan Naseer was born on July 31, 1985.

Wrap Up

In conclusion, the blog talks about Arslan Naseer, a Pakistani entertainer who started with funny comics on Facebook and then moved to acting in TV shows like Chupke Chupke and Paristan. Despite facing criticism for attending awards during national crises, he has received awards for his acting.

Many fans ship his relationship with his co-actor, Aymen Saleem. However, he clarified that he’s just friends with co-star Aymen Saleem. Arslan’s journey shows his talent and adaptability in Pakistan’s entertainment world.

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